History Of Art

History of art for children – this is a free game in the artistic genius of the past, a touch to the heirs of what we are as humanity. This is an attempt of living through the aesthetics of different cultures not all kinds of “isms” and ideologies of various “models” of the world. Art, as the visible embodiment of beauty – this is not an end in itself, not a desire to raise a child prodigy, calling outright ten artists on the “M” letter; it is the vaccine, an antidote to bad taste, aggression and anonymity of the modern world. It is the experience of faith in a great in good, kind and the opportunity to be active, to do in the world, based on this experience.

Our task in the Children’s Embassy – is to ennoble the heart, develop aesthetic taste in the child a sense of beauty; raise skill in “watching” a work of art, in the independence of judgment; help to survive the originality, uniqueness of artistic epoch as a reflection of the deep life of the human spirit.

P.S. Introduction to the history of art takes place in the framework of ART SALON program.