Children – is a creation!

The desire of something unformed, from the “chaos” to create a form, the order is the deepest need of human nature. Therefore, in the Children’s Embassy we love to work with plastic materials. In summer, children at the embassy mold from clay and wet sand, as in the rest of the year – from the warm wax and paste.

A teacher is dripping on the palms of children rose oil, and with a gentle ditty carefully puts into the hand of every child warm lumps of wax.

Gold piece, a piece of the sun.
What is hidden in you, you show us.
Beautiful tale you tell us.

He creates a very mysterious and quiet mood and begins to mold together with the children, giving them the ability to empathize with his work. With great surprise and joy kids perceive with their eyes the appearance of their favorite animal, flower or boat. They are inspired by the work of an adult, and in their own way reproduce images from their imagination. Children feel waking up in strength, seeing how alive the plastic material in their hands. We never put a sample of children. Child sculpts the images and perceives himself like this.

Immediately after the molding children are always waited by the magical story – a play in which the main characters are just created figures. Revived snails, rabbits, fabulous trees and speaking stones captivate kids into the world of extraordinary adventures, giving children a sense of belonging to a miracle. Just a few minutes ago, it was just a warm lumps of soft wax, and now they are living heroes. Here’s a tale shown we give the impetus to create a fairy tale.

We love when to the embassy there come ceramic artists and real sculptors. From these always such interesting and unusual meetings, we do not expect that professionals transmit to our children the secrets of their skill. Everything has its time! Our task is to create an atmosphere in which children have imbibed the spirit of creativity. This is very valuable for them. It is no coincidence, the image of a potter, sculptor, is synonymous with the Creator.

Come to the Children’s Embassy, WE’LL MOLD!