Knightly School

“Lack of generosity in others does not give you the right to behave not knightly.”


We’re talking about knighthood, when we want to express the spiritual ideal of service to the world. Main knightly virtues – is the observance of a code of conduct. The knights’ code includes courtesy, self-sacrifice, chastity, fidelity, help the disadvantaged and defenseless people, kindness to all living things, the ability to keep his word, dedication. These qualities make the spiritual ideal, attractive to all of us in our time. Noble Knight – is a the perfect image to which we should strive to conduct ourselves and lead our children to it.

CODE OF CONDUCT, which was followed by the knights throughout the centuries, it is still relevant today. In addition to the iron armor these noble men wore invisible armor, which made them invincible.

1. Armor of obedience, courtesy and respect.

2. Armor of piety and nobility.

3. Armor of zeal and charity.

4. Armor of truthfulness, loyalty to word and promise.

5. Armor of modesty and unassuming.

6. Armor of restraint in words and deeds.

7. Armor of courage and bravery.

8. Armor of faith.

9. Armor of gratitude.

10. Armor of knowledge about the world, the arts and beautiful human relationships.

11. Armor of generosity.

12. Armor of respect for women.

The Embassy has not specially dedicated classes for the Knight School. All the children’s lives in a small house can be called a school. And in the autumn, when the trees are completely removed their furniture, north wind blows and increasingly cold rain drizzles an era of Knights comes on. Boys are wearing scarlet cloaks, taking out the wooden swords, shields, building castles, listening to legends and tales of noble knights and heroes. And the girls at this time are baking giant bread, cooking giant drink, playing princesses.

Laws of chivalrous behavior children can comprehend only out of forces of emulating to real deeds and spiritual gestures of close to their precious adult, not of morals.

Try, seizing
Still warm sword
And wearing armor –
Know the score, know the score!
Understand who you are: a coward
Or a chosen one of a destiny –
And try to taste
The real struggle.
If the meat with a knife
You did not eat any piece,
If hands you folded
You observed from above,
But the fight you did not join
With a scoundrel, a butcher –
So with this life you were
You have nothing to do!

If the path you were cutting through with father’s sword,
Salty tears you bite on that,
If the in a hot battle you knew the score –
Hence, the necessary books you have read in a childhood!