Our Philosophy

Dear PARENTS! Thank you for your interest to us. We will be glad to make friends to you and together deal with the most important matter on the earth – UPBRINGING OF OUR CHILDREN.

We opened the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY, realizing the importance of looking at a child with nature-aligned positions, but from the abstract theories. CHILDHOOD EMBASSY is an international cultural pedagogical centre. New type of institution for children, appealing Childhood as sovereignty. We believe, that rules of children’s world are not determined by people, they were created by nature. That is why any tasks, which we offer children, we, first of all, check the accordance to nature aims of one or another age.

Coordinates of our embassy: GLADDANCE, INTEREST, PROFIT. Exactly in a meeting point of them there appeared space, staying at which is healing for a child.

Have been creating CHILDHOOD EMBASSY we carry image of home where children feel cozy and well. And a real home becomes the one when it has its “own face”, reflecting individuality and style of hostels. We can’t keep away from many nice “trifles”, giving inimitable individuality and distinctness of inner and outer life of CHILDHOOD EMBASSY. We are not going to deepen into describing of peculiarities, in order not to make it look like promotional material. You must feel everything by your own once inside of our house and meet with real children’s life at us.

We treat you and your interest towards the EMBASSY with deep respect and try to show detailed information on our website, which will be useful for you. We would like to speak about main thing. We freely share our thoughts and points of view with parents in the format of letters and articles. Having them read you could feel – whether our philosophy is up to you, whether our views are in sync with your ideas about childhood and its tasks? Whether one can trust our programs? Whether you child need the way offered by us?

We see how grown-up world attacks world of children. Is it right? Two decades ago we widely discussed problems of lost health of our children up to 10th year of studies, absence of interest to the world; today we say that 80% of children are ill with this or that decease and most of them lack of motivation to studies and labor. And all these things occur up to 7 years.

Many of them already can read up to six-seven years all the more with modern methodic it is not a problem, but, unfortunately, they don’t like to do this. Many children easily can press computer buttons, but they can’t or do not have will to make a little gift by their hands, act a home play, even just put their clothes neatly or put off toys. But indeed habits make nature in the end.

Who and when will answer for the lost health and joy of life, for killed desire to discover the world and to create?

A child came to this world with borderless trust to us, the grown-ups. Everything that comes from us he takes in all good faith. Maybe it’s high time to think what leads to loss of life forces of our children?

When we become parents or chose profession of pedagogue, we don’t imagine to ourselves all the consequences of our “experiments” with children. Certainly, we are often influenced by desire of giving a child all the best and more as possible, but it’s not so clearly and harmless. Every child needs nourishment, both physical and spiritual. One shouldn’t lump everyone under a general umbrella. Because one man’s meat is another man’s poison. One never should level a child with other children. He is the one and the only. He will compete himself only. And your faith, support and borderless love will give him strength.

If you are exacting, thinking, sensitive parent, if you do not chasing modern tendencies, but feel you child, value trustful relationship, if you keep a piece of your own childhood, still can be surprised, admire and feel joy, in this case we are sure you and your child feel good and cozy in the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY. We are not wizards, we just learn and won’t give here all the answers. But we offer stay and think over our true motives in aspiration to organize our children’s life the most pompous way. Answer one question: “Does your kid accept all you give him?” Try to feel what your child feel by the end of the day or week? Take into consideration, that grown-ups always have choice, but does your son or daughter has it? You can abandon, don’t go, stay home, but does your child have such rights?

Certainly our children set up a lot of questions to us, so we offer you COOPERATION.

Yes, we do understand that modern world hurries us up, but

DON’T BELIEVE those, who say, that you won’t be in time, you will be late…

We – the grown-ups hurry and run, plugging children into chaos and fuss. It’s up to children to grow in calmness and deliberation. Form themselves fluently and tenderly, in a healthy rhythm, in correctly organized space and in sensible care.

Yes, we do understand, that modern advertising techniques influence you aggressively, but

DON’T BELIEVE those who say, just at us…

Upbringing of children – is not competitively capable machines production, when secret technologies are applied in course of creation of them. Nature-aligned programs make sense only, they were created in accordance with nature laws and belong everybody. There is an Oriental wisdom “WE DON’T DISCOVER ANYTHING, WE JUST LEARN”. If someone knew something that really could help general question of upbringing, educating and teaching of our children, strengthen of their health, and apply this “secret” only at his place, so for you, as for parents, it’s quite a matter to think of true motives of such an institution and of real security of authorial experiment on children. A child pay with his vital forces for all pedagogical theories, that appeared as a result of theoretical invention, of grown-ups ambitions, even if they look attractive and far reaching at the first sight. In space where children live there should be people with heavenly thoughts, open heart, piquant wit. Such people need feedback with parents and colleagues. Because fresh, unbiased view always hints something new and interesting, finds mistakes and help not to fall asleep in own experience.

We look at children with our grow-up eyes. It’s really, really difficult and even impossible to feel and understand the world, where a child lives. This wonderful, miracle, iridescent, vibrating with all birds’ parts, grasshoppers’ chirping, voice of stream, leaves’ trembling, loaded with fragrance world. Children notice, wonder, admire all that surrounds them. Imagine, you were asked to close your eyes for a while and that moment put sparkling crystal ball. What would you feel having your eyes opened and see the ball? Astonishment? Admiration? Joy? Embarrassment? Spiritual trembling? That will be a whole palette of senses. Try to imagine this moment to yourself, to live it through and you can catch your child’s feeling, when he does his first steps on the earth. Every moment for him is a miracle! Miracle of opening the world. Children love this world because live with scalding and passionate interest to discover and understand it. And we pragmatically, coldly, meagerly and roughly format this miracle up to our grown-up standards. We move and don’t notice children around us. We forgot and sometimes even don’t know that they form themselves absorbing all our thoughts, words, actions, gests and intonations. Children can’t set barriers in their world’s perception. A child is a creature, which due to its nature doesn’t set any barriers. The idea of barriers contradicts children’s perception. It’s his strength and weakness at the same moment. We, the grown-ups, must appreciate this fantastic capacity of absorbing the world with borderless trust.

Children – miracle of the world!

We started the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY with love and trembling, honestly and thoughtfully, with borderless gratitude for opportunity to touch wonderful world of CHILDHOOD one more time. All you see, hear and read was created not to find favor in your eyes. “We are not in trend, but we are free!”. We do not look at children through the spectacle of advanced intellect, we care of their feelings and will. We concern ourselves with physical development and strengthen of health of children. We are not indifferent, with what eyes they will look at the world, when they grow up. Everything in the EMBASSY is thought over very thoroughly. We do not play by artificially created rules, we don’t adapt our programs to the momentary demands to have high rate for parents only. We’d like to be demanded by children. We feel responsibility for their future, for their nature, for their character.

We confide parents and colleagues all our experience. All our programs, pedagogical approaches, methodic are in free access. Everyone can become acquainted with them. You can share our views or can have your own opinion and this is valuable. The main thing is that there shouldn’t be indifference. We started the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY to meet the needs of today. For us – CHILDHOOD EMBASSY – is everlasting world of children. Rules of childhood reign here.

We are opened to like-minded persons, leering persons and opponents. We’ll gladly tell, show and teach everything we know and can ourselves. We’ll accept with gratitude new experience. We are ready to argue and discuss our achievements and our faults.

We’d like to cooperate with you, parents, and together create all the best things for our children.

We are maximalists in everything about children’s health. Children are maximalists either; there are no undertones for them.

We are not idealists. All we declare – can be really implemented. And we prove it in our practice.

We have studied and selected all the most valuable in any aspect pedagogical ideas, that appeared during the last centuries. All the best achievements in pedagogy, psychology and medicine are accumulated in principles of our infant center. And it’s not an advertising slogan. We just are sure, that only such approach has priority of existence. We consider at least very strange the approach, based on one methodic or program even if it’s “approved” or “established”. All children are very different, everyone has his own temper and peculiar perception. Everyone manifested himself a unique God’s creature and it’s just a crime to format him with unified standards and demands.

Maybe, not all the parents would chose place so thoughtfully and solicitously, where their child spends half a day, puzzle with content of teaching process, peculiarities of pedagogical approach, interest of pedagogue’s personality, worry about atmosphere in the kindergarten and about thousands of big and small questions. But it doesn’t relive us from liability for all that happens in the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY. Even having no questions from parents, we hold our inner dialogue, which doesn’t allow us to “fall asleep” and stay constantly in creative research of something interesting, value and useful for us, our children and their parents.

We would like to say, that we are not a testing site of any pedagogical theory, in base of which there is no true knowledge about children’s nature, but we are open for pedagogues and parents capable to vivid observation and creativity, respectful and careful to gladden and healthy childhood of our children. We wish you all the best.

Let your children grow in love and joy!

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