Magic Houses Of Childhood

Children come to earth from the heights of the spiritual world, the invisible veils wrapped ин his guardian angels. They from love to us come down to live, each one carrying its own unique, knowledge. We are anxiously waiting for them. We wonder what has this individuality brought? What gifts for earth and us, the humans, will be presented by this person, when he grows up, that he will give the world during his earthly ministry, what colors will sparkle in hearts of the people at his presence?
And, of course, there raise questions, and how to make sure that children have not forgotten for what they came to earth, not lost the spiritual gifts, opened all their knowledge for the benefit of all living and future generations come to live? How should we edge children so that they would take place in this world and fully reveal their identities?
The very first and most important arms that take the kid on the ground and opened his windows and doors of the world of knowledge – they are his parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters. To avoid going to the outside, if the house where the baby grows, his family reign peace, love, respect, trust, harmony and beauty of relationships, not to worry for his future.
In the life of every family there comes a time, you have to put the younger child on the wing and let him out of the nest to make the first solo flight. This is an important stage of life of the baby, to some extent sums up our family upbringing. It is always interesting, which emotions and feelings does a child bred by me rise in other people? It’s very objective realities. People by their nature are intuitive and reach for the light, light of the people, no matter how many months old these people are. If I shut the light down inside? Do other people see its glow? Do other children and adults feel warm while communicating with him? How far is he ready to present himself to the world, because exactly the same amount of the world will be ready to give itself to him? His attitude to the world – it is his wealth. And whether he has formed a basic confidence in the world? Does he understand that the world does not revolve around him, and adults do not need to occupy him? What can he do with his hands and heart? Does he respect human labor? Does he show care about everything that surrounds it? These questions we should ask ourselves the first months of the life of our child, constantly checking the course, looking intently at all the nuances of the character of manifestations of the baby.
“My child can read, write, count, calculate square roots and knows the name of all the countries of the world and their capitals, recognizes flags, can list the names of artists, composers, titles of galaxies, is able to push all the buttons of all electronic devices ……………”
SO WHAT? Who feels warmer of this knowledge? With modern techniques and absorbent mind of a child it is a matter of a few months. The question is another! Does he like to read? Did he want to write himself a holiday greeting to his grandmother? Did he wash the plate after you, or whether he made the room with joy, did you cook dinner, if he brought a glass of water to a dad, whether he picked up the fallen down toy of a baby, whether he took compassion to a crying baby, if he shared the only piece of biscuit? Did he do all these things by his own will, at his own behest of the soul? That is his real gifts! And to know the name of the continent – it is good, but not in the first place!!! It does not matter, if the child is one year or five years!!! Everything is laid from the very first days of life!!! Sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow character, reap a destiny! By the age of 4 years we firsthand encounter with the nature of a person. Habits are already formed. And what were in the family regularly recurring actions, making it possible to flourish this character?
These and many other questions we face in the process of communicating with children. Other people’s children do not happen! And we must take care of all the children who surround you. IT IS A HUMAN BEING’S LAW!!!!
If we, the adults, will not impress by ourselves, but will protect and warm our child, then having got stronger and having been absorbed, there will be revealed a person to the world – the Creator, easily and confidently walking on the ground, carrying the joy in people and their knowledge sowing everywhere just love.
These are the tasks we set ourselves at the Children’s Embassy. Children are waited with love and understanding of the uniqueness of each baby came to its little houses. Undoubtedly, the sooner the child gets an opportunity to live in a healthy and beautiful rhythms of human relationships, the brighter and more interesting we can expect the disclosure of his or her identity in due time nature. Trifle in this process does not happen! Everything is important: what clothes an adult wears, who lives next to the children, and what tone he talks, and what knowledge he brings inside, what is his approach to the world, to the people, what can do with his own hands, especially in the presence of children. Equally important is the atmosphere in the area of children’s lives, interiors, images and materials used for making the toys, the quality of the songs, poems, plays scenes, a music system instruments sounding in space, the nature that surrounds the child, its colors, shapes and sounds of the holiday atmosphere and many, many more, it is necessary to take into account the children in the world, so that they grew healthy, joyful, kind and skilful.
Thinking about all this, Children’s Embassy every day strives to make at least one more step towards the realization of the wonderful dreams of children living in a small houses of Children’s Childhood. Every morning it wakes up with confidence to the world and out on the night with gratitude to it for all the meetings that took place during the day, for all events, with the joy and all the lessons. The Embassy have the different houses. Each of them is unique and carries its individuality and the external and internal decoration. With each house children are acquainted and are friends with them. But they choose where to live, somehow mysteriously, the only one for themselves.
All Houses titles developed in the course of life. So they were called by the children themselves: Russian House, English House, Rose House, Small House. Everyone has their own image and character. Each one is unique and loved by everybody. Get to know them, and you, either, love them with all your heart. To remain indifferent it is simply impossible. Getting into the houses, you find yourself in your old childhood dream. This is a true tale about Child’s Childhood.