Cultural Projects

Generally speaking, the Children’s Embassy itself began as a real big cultural project, especially if one should take literally translating of the Latin word “cultura” as cultivation, upbringing, education, development, respect. Historically it so happen, that in the Children’s Embassy there come children of different nationalities and since childhood, they grow in the area of traditions’ intersection, hear different languages, try dishes of national cuisine, play with toys that were brought from different continents and games of different nations. They absorb the diversity of the world, taking with them, as though it may seem surprising in the way of life, a sense of unity and understanding of pricelessness of every person on earth. It is important to be strong enough to hold themselves and do not dissolve in the world. And this power, of course, is given by the Russian land on which we all live. It generously nourishes us all, regardless to any differences. Our love for its generosity, warmth and hospitality is boundless. I make bow to it for its gifts!

The Children’s Embassy represents several areas that currently are located in the living process of embodiment:

  • Tales of the world in theatrical productions for children.
  • Travelling in the Moscow region.
  • Cuisine and traditions of the world.
  • Walking along the Moscow streets.
  • Meeting the professions.
  • Virtual travel on the rivers and oceans of the world.
  • Tours of the museums of the city.

P.S. Each of you is free to join any of our project and to take active part. And if you have your own ideas, bring them together consider how to implement them for the benefit of all.