Board of Trustees

A letter of appeal to the Board of Trustees of the Children’s Embassy

We all want our children to be educated, healthy and well-brought, so that they learn good manners, absorbed the cultural values and traditions of their countries and peoples of the world, know the story, love literature and to be fond of the art, of the language, fond of natural science, and just become good and intelligent people. Respecting for people, caring attitude to nature were an integral part of their world. We dream about our children to “find themselves”, their vocation and will be engaged in a favorite business. We would be glad to see them happy, and implemented in the family and in society.

We want them to see the world with their own eyes, to find real friends and true partners in life. May they always be smiling, open, bold and successful people who know worth for themselves, and who know how to appreciate and love every moment of their life, that they feel confident in place and time. Let a sense of humor never leaves them. Giving birth and releasing them into the world, we will always protect, care for them, seek the best and useful for them. No one can ever replace us, but if in the difficult, but such an interesting and in many ways mysterious the education of our children there will appear people who are ready to sincerely share with us the hopes and concerns of our children, we would be immensely grateful.
Realizing how difficult responsibility is that was taken on the shoulders the wonderful staff of this unique embassy, we sincerely wish them success, inspiration and endless energy. This is a very big task – to keep the fragile world of childhood, because it is out of this magical world our children in their allotted time will go into the big world, with love keeping and creatively transforming it.

Let faith, hope and love will always come to all of us.

And as a parting word of Blessing for all the people related children with their heart, we want to give words of Daniel Andreev: “As a child of the sun, he passes through his early years, and indeed he recalls the young god, engaging in youth. In light clothing for flowering ground he is going, her son, her boyfriend and her drive, an older friend of birds and animals, angels interlocutor, builder of beautiful cities, uplifters of mountains, forests and deserts, the owner of the planet – the garden.”

All the best and farewell to you!