Children – are the holiday!

“Let each of you will remember your childhood, and you will see that the holiday for a child is not something for us, it’s really an event in the annual children’s life and that the child is counting the days from one holiday to another holiday, like we count our years from one important event in our life to another one.”

Konstantin Ushinsky

There is its own special culture of celebration in the Children’s Embassy. And the main motive – it is in shaped form, in tune with the children’s perception of the world, give a true experience of the entire circuit of the year.

In today’s world, most often we treat the holiday as an opportunity to amuse the children, absorb them with clowns, jugglers and trainers. As decorations there usually used a lot of colorful balloons and colorful garlands. Everything should be noisy and funny. And then it seems to us that the holiday was successful. But for centuries the holidays there were not only to amuse and entertain. Each holiday had its own special meaning, its own mood. This does not in any way “the event.” It is very special, that goes beyond the ordinary life day. It can be fun and cheerful, like, say, “Mardi Gras.” And maybe a mysterious and silent one as a holiday of “Lantern”. Very richly there passes celebration of “Harvest”” and beautiful holiday of “Christmas”, on the contrary, is quiet and solemn. Festival of “Knights” fascinates with its majesty, severity, and a Summer holiday is rather ease. It was during these special days before the child slowly, very carefully reveals a wise book of traditions and customs of the people. During these special days, all participants, both children and adults become involved in the events of the past, which continue to live in the present.

In the Children’s Embassy there are our unusual holidays, such as a holiday of “Flowers”, “Neptune Day”, “The Feast of goose feather”, “Feast of Bread”, “Rooky porridge”, “Bear Ball”. We celebrate Birthdays of our children quite surprisingly at the embassy. These are all special days. Impressions of them remain in the heart, remain in the memory, painting childhood of our children in happy, bright colors.

The whole period of preparation for the holiday, usually lasting three or four weeks, is filled with exciting experiences, the relevant to topic of the upcoming event. This time there take place internal and external preparations. There prepared a special decoration and for children and for facilities, pleasant surprises and lovely gifts. The day of celebration – it is always a fairy tale! And then during a week we live in the echo of the past day.

So day after day, our lives proceed in the labor and celebrations at the Embassy. Everything is repeated again and again, but each time it’s filled with new meaning.

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