For a small child the world is whole and indivisible. His confidence in his mom and dad is limitless. When the kids come with their parents in the Small House, watching the closest and native people refer to the new space, how easily and naturally they feel, how warm they communicate with child-minder of the Children’s Embassy, indirectly, through them, their trustful relationship, they start with the same warmth to apply to the houses, and to everyone who lives in it.

The day when you have planned your acquaintance with a house, try to do a holiday for yourself and your baby. The day before at bedtime tell the kid that tomorrow you’ll go with him to visit your friend at the little house. That you’ve always wanted him to meet this friend. Put a feast for a new friend in a beautiful bag, which is better to sew in advance. This can be an apple or bananas, plum or homemade cookies. On the day of your trip, get up a little earlier than usual, so not in a hurry and go with the child the way to the house quietly and happily.

With good mood of the Spirit, as if you have come to the most beloved friend, come with the baby into the house. And even if you did not have the possibility to get acquainted with the space by yourself in advance by logging immediately behave like at home. The child will feel your ease and either will relax, despite the fact that the space is not familiar to him.

In a small hallway behind the curtains you can undress and change the shoes. In the room to the right of the entrance there is a cat with a wicker basket waiting for the baby. Here in the basket, you can put your treats. A little later, during the general tea party you with their new friends will try it.

In a wooden cart there live two pails of water. You can wash your hands, and show your child a new space. To do this, take his hand in your one and by your own, do not hesitate, as if you were at home walk with him along the room, look into every nook and cranny, every cabinet and basket, voicing with warm words your magical journey. Get with him where do toys live? Where do the books live? Where do the magic trays live with natural materials? Where is pencils and ink hiding? Admire and enjoy everything. Give your child the opportunity to experience your enthusiasm on a new phase of your life together. Because now he has grown up and you can open new horizons of this wonderful world!

Returning after meeting with the space in the room where the cat lives, begin to revive all the toys that live in it. “Swim” together with the child in the pool with chestnuts, prepare food at a baby kitchen, change clothes to Dolly, who sleeps in her crib, change her little bed, play zoo, shop. All games and toys safely get from the shelves and drawers and involve in the game. Your together with the child SUBJECT-ROLE GAME – IT IS PART OF THE CLASS. Engage in the game the other children, thus helping their interaction. Show their favor disposition and interest in the houses, to the other children and mothers. With your attitude you weave safe space for your child. You imbue it with joy, make it warm, comfortable, clear and accessible for your child. The way you’ll behave and feel, will be broadcast to all who reside in this space at the moment and, above all, your baby. It is an illusion that you can hide behind the outer smile. We are only nourished with our internal heat, warms, but first of all, the inner light. This way of thinking or to see the glass half full or half empty, mostly will pass as inheritance to our child. Our worldview causes our children. Basic confidence in the world formed in humans in the first six months of life on earth. What did you think at the time of the first months of life of your baby, how you felt like the world, other people, and reap now, as the ratio of already grown kid to the other people and the world. We will not philosophize here. Just understand that the children due to the natural role model forces take from us a great deal. HEALTHY OR NOT? You decide! You always have the ability to consciously change your attitude to life.

• Try to come on time. Children feel our concern. When we rush, the excitement is transferred to them, upsetting the healthy rhythms of life. It is the best when the life flows quietly and steadily.

• Arriving at the House, together with him say hello to his friends, take the initiative and meet with those whom you may not know. Children learn communication, imitating us. The change your shoes into warm socks and include in the overall game, which takes place in the space of a game room. Please do not hesitate. Reach for the child everything he asks from shelves and baskets. When the time comes for toys to go to bed, they return to their houses. The only space of fabulous red cabinet and drawers remain a mystery for children. From there come the toys in a fairy tale. Therefore, to maintain an aura of magic we do not take them in the free play. But they can be admired through the glass showcase. How many images are born then?!!!

• Please, if it is possible, disconnect your phones during your stay at the house, don’t be distracted by conversations, not associated with a fabulous process that takes place at this point in the house. GIVE YOURSELF TO CHILDREN. Let them see how you are wondering.

• When kids are engaged in activity on trays – is a very serious work related to hemispheric interaction. After the baby came to the tray, stand directly behind them to guide his hands in accordance with the objectives. For example, ask your child to hide behind the back of the right hand and do everything just with left one. Then change hands. You can exercise with closed eyes. Come creatively to this part of life at the House. This is the general rule. Let these two hours will be the holiday of your co-creation.

• LIVE OVER YOURSELVES all poems, songs, games. Lift the inside of yourselves the images of butterflies, rabbits, cats and fish, which are sung about in songs. BE FABULOUS. Even if your baby doesn’t repeat game by hands or words, trust the time. Imitate yourselves the child-minders and you will see how soon the baby will start to repeat after you all, that you show. There is such a thing as an inner gesture. Everyone just needs his time, so it climbs out. Do not touch the baby, raise his hands instead of him. Do yourselves. Here is a simple secret to a quick entry of your baby in the overall developmental process.

• Remember that other people’s children do not happen. Encourage with a word and gesture all children. Give each one heat and light of your soul. According to the law of the boomerang, your baby will get many times more. Your joy is multiplied a hundredfold, and will return to the most expensive for you the little man trust in the world and people. The things that I believe will be attracted into my life!

• The entire book collection is at your disposal. Simply take home the book for yourself or for the children, read it. A selection is very good. All books can be recommended to help for our common development. In a magical little book, leave your name and phone number so that any mother, who need this or that book, which currently lives at you, could easily contact you.

• Child-minders – are your first friends at the House, in all matters, please contact them. You and your baby will always get support and help in the house.