The one who is looking for cooperation, always succeeds. After all, cooperation – is co-creation, mutual understanding and bilateral development. Although it is possible that there are people for whom the fight is familiar and interesting, but in the long run more justified is the cooperation. And this fact is difficult to challenge. History of Children’s Embassy is a confirmation to these words.

Children’s Embassy is in the earth! And like any home, it needs care. And the more good hands and hearts touch it with their warmth, the more it will blossom in the joy.

All that we know, all that we can – it’s for everyone. Come, we will share. We do not open anything in this world, we just learn. And if our experience will be useful to you, we will be happy.

If you, in your turn, know something or are able and willing to teach, please, we are waiting for you. It’s amazing, but so it is happening now at the Embassy. There come people who say that they, too, have long thought that it would be great to live with their children in such conditions, in such an atmosphere and offer their help and cooperation and, most importantly, implement it for money or free – is not so important most importantly for the benefit of all.

Since life in the Children’s Embassy is very saturated, and we are interested in many things, and meeting people from different regions is very useful for the Embassy. Any of your bright ideas can be discussed and find a way to implement them. A new man – is a new opportunities for growth. Is not it wonderful?

P.S. We are happy to meet with Masters in their field from different areas of human life: potters, musicians, actors, carpenters, teachers, collectors, lawyers, writers, artists, builders, bakers, dancers.

It is always pleasant to meet people, who have been realized in labor!