Social Projects


  • High level of professionalism of all keepers of Childhood at the Embassy, a unique adaptation programs, cozy space, friendly atmosphere, plus the convenient location and amenities – all these factors have created the conditions under which it became possible to open the doors of the Children’s Embassy for kids with special needs.
  • Children from low-income families and families where dads do not take part in the upbringing of a Child, Children’s Embassy provides financial assistance, provides free access to the program, gives gifts for Christmas and the Trinity, invites to Ambassadorial concerts and theatrical performances at the living room for home plays.
  • Any future mom who only awaiting the birth of the kids or Mom with stroller at any time for free can enter the space of the Children’s Embassy – relax, drink tea, dress and feed the Kid, shelter from the weather, obtain all necessary for her and the Child assistance regardless of whether her kid is a member of the Children’s Embassy or not. We always welcome everybody! Feel like at your friends’ house.
  • A special focus of our work, to which we dedicate our free time – is an organization of mobile gaming spaces and needlework workshops in children’s hospitals, as well as concerts and performances. This is – a very useful and rewarding activities in which we have a great support by so many people.
  • Large families in which there are three or more children visit all the programs of the Children’s Embassy with 15% discount.
  • Children’s Embassy provides all possible support for older people who find themselves in a difficult position. And they, in turn, give children love and care, bring pies, jams, knit toys, come to play with the kids, tell stories, teach the craft.
  • Children’s Embassy with joy and gratuitously offers its space for the realization of light and good projects related to the education of children.
  • We are occupied with the idea of the creation of the Children’s Embassy representative in the women’s prisons in order to support the women who are with child in isolation.
  • All the good people who need help and support can always contact the Children’s Embassy. We do our best to help them. There are no desperate situations. We are not alone in this world!