Yoga, Plastic Theater

Children by nature already own those things taught by yoga: flexibility, a special ability to live in the present and not to worry about anything. But they are still very fond of this fun and exciting experience in the Children’s Embassy. After all, the movement – this is the natural state of the child, and the practice of yoga gives great scope for investigating the possibilities of the body. Yoga classes are great for connection of children with the nature and your own body, mind and soul. The combination of breathing techniques, postures and other special exercise balances the work of both hemispheres of the brain and endocrine glands, improve the interaction between the respiratory, nervous and endocrine systems of the body, have beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, allowing a child to get rid of the stiffness, hypertonia, twisted posture and violations of the arch of the foot – the perennial problems of childhood, gaining momentum in recent years.

Children learn to use yoga for concentration, as well as to calm and relax. The ability to relax will serve them in good stead throughout life. Toddlers are very naturally react to their feelings as soon as they get tired, they just stop doing the exercises. They clearly feel their limits, unlike adults. We can say that at an early age, children play in yoga.

In the Children’s Embassy lessons for children are from the age of 2 years represent a unique fusion of yoga, the actor’s skill, scenic speech, in which the potential of the Child is revealed not only through traditional breathing techniques and postures, but also through the actor’s studies and lesson design.