It’s wonderful, when life is diverse, when there is room to creativity in it. Once arriving at Children’s Embassy, you will never get bored, your life and the lives of your family will be filled with pleasant events and actions that directly affect the lives of all our children. Active and engaged participation in everything what is going on in the house fills everyone with sense of unity and of the desired sense of belonging to a miracle of becoming a human.

Loving sincerely all our friends, the Children’s Embassy regularly offers interesting tasks, in which the majority of our families are eager to participate in the best of their ability.

Join us now! You enter into the taste and soon feel yourselves becoming wizards and everything around is changing.


On the threshold of a magical summer we invite you to take part in the contest:


The Children’s Embassy offers mothers and fathers with children to compose a story about our House. Illustrations are welcome. All composed fairy tales will be participating in the general competition. By means of general voting we will choose the winner and we will post it on the website of the Embassy. The tale will go down in a large book of Ambassadorial tales. And the author will receive a beautiful gift from the Children’s Embassy. Please, send us your tales on e-mail of the Embassy