Prayers For Children

The sacred world of a mother’s heart

In the Children’s Embassy, we are not engaged in the religious education of children. There come to the Houses children of inchurched parents of different faiths and children of parents, who do not mean their outlook within any religion, but they are simply good and decent people. The sphere of religious education or the lack of such one is the responsibility of only child’s family. Forming good habits in children, their understanding of the eternal moral principles, such as helping a person close to you, taking care of yourself, a friend, about the land, the transfer of the cultural traditions of our land – that’s vital field of education at the Embassy.

The cultural traditions of each people there is especially revered area – the area of maternal poetry, which includes lullabies, wonderful little singing poems at every moment of the life of the baby, fun, games, puzzles, humorous rhymes and nursery rhymes. The knowledge about this part of motherhood greatly enriches and color the lives of children, bringing it boundless love of the sea and the children’s joy. And it is in this treasure maternal wisdom for centuries preserved and carefully passed down from generation to generation the knowledge about the power of parental blessings.

There is nothing on earth stronger than a mother’s love and a mother’s blessings. Prayers for children have been passing from mouth to mouth for ages. Our grandmothers and mothers copied them from each other and stored in the innermost parts of the house. For centuries, passed down the knowledge that is what we think, what we ask, what we attract into our lives and the lives of people close to us. There are thousands and thousands of evidence, how to say the word from the heart to save, protect, help in the most difficult situations.

We, the mothers, at the Embassy shared with each other the most intimate knowledge of living in our families – the prayers, and some of them are copied to the site for you as a gift. Choose the one that is closer to you, with which you can connect to the soul, words that you can say with all your great maternal heart. Let it light up your day, the day of your closest relatives and people and help in your wonderful way of motherhood.

Waking up from sleep in the morning, before you leave home, refer to the Sky with sincere words of love, of faith and hope. Trust in this world with joy. Where there is FAITH, there is TRUST. The experience of thousands of years tells us: “You’d get the things according to your faith”. So, what I believe, these things I attract to me and to my family. Always remember that you are related to children with invisible channels. And through these magical channels you pass them either your fear, distrust, or your blessing. Your words, uttered with love, become a guardian for the child, and not a hair falls from his head.

There is only one rule, or better to say, even a law – it is your purity. Your prayer will be heard and become an invisible veil over the child only if you yourself, all your thoughts, actions manifest love and peace. Do not judge, do not condemn, do not scold, do not be afraid, do not despair. Light, like the sun and warm like the sun of our earth and all vivid ones on it. And according to the law of the universe, you and your children and children’s children will return all hundredfold.

The Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954) has a wonderful prose “ABOUT PRAYER”. We give here some extracts from it:

The words of the prayer bring a human cleansing and strengthening, calm and joy, blessing and healing. This is the source of life! The only you need is the courage of the heart, the integrity of the soul and inspiration to connect to that source. And then from the real prayer – even if it lasted only a single minute – there remains in the heart of a person an undying, shining coal, which pours its radiance. A person can manage his vital business, eat, drink and sleep, work hard and indulge in relaxation and inner light does not leave him, he will be a measure of the flare and purify his soul, shine him in all his affairs of life, lighting up in them good and evil, maintaining it in good and taking away from him the possibility to make angry, callous, low and vulgar things. Man can forget this quietly smoldering charcoal of a silent prayer; but that coal will administer its intangible great cause – vital, purifying, illuminating and healing. And only man is again knocking on the door and cry out to the world – and again breaks out the fire, will start singing heart, vivid love will stream, a clear conscience will speak.

And on these ways the life becomes a school of a pray, and a pray – a true source of a life and creating force.

If while now it is unusual for you to say words of ancient prays, speak, as you can. With all your heart ask with simple words about pleasure and inspiration, about health and understanding. Fill the heart with love and send the light ideas to all children of the world, all people of the world. And in the evening, having come home, necessarily thank everybody and for everything, that has occurred today. The Confidence and Gratitude, Gratitude and Confidence – between two these conditions let your kind life proceeds. Let, even at first sight not all has yet developed, as it would be desired, not each person was affable and hospitable with you. Remember, that each person is not an enemy to you, each person is not a friend to you, but each person is a TEACHER to you. And if while everything is proceeding this way, it means, there are the reasons for this. I meet only those people, and there occur only those events to me, which I have deserved with the ideas and affairs, acts of my parents and parents of my parents. Sooner or later everything comes at its price in this world!

Always remember words of elders: “What for?”. What vital lesson should I take? What does this person show to me with the act? Why do I cause such emotions in him? What fro did it occur to me? The majority of us usually asks other question: “What for?” All the people, sent to us are our reflection. Also they were sent in order we look at these people, corrected the mistakes and when we correct them, these peoples or also change, or go away from our life.

Probably, you never stopped run of your life by light prayerful words. It’s never too late to make it. Present yourself these instants. Make them your rule, and you do not be slow to behold fruits of the new experience. And in the help to us let be experience of people have come through centuries to understanding of boundless force of prayerful words.
The people, who have come in a vital way to invaluable knowledge of the world, left magic addressing words in culture of different people. Already one only recurrence of these just words gives support to us on our vital way. That is a pray of Optina elders on the beginning of day. Its words are simple and clear to heart and mind of each person.

My God, allow me to meet with peace of mind everything, that will bring coming day to me. Allow me to be devoted entirely to Your sacred will. Set and support me on any hour of this day in all things. What news I have ever received within day, teach me to accept them with quiet soul and firm belief, that everything is on Your sacred will. In all words and my affairs supervise over my ideas and feelings. In all emergencies do not allow me to forget, that all is granted by You. Teach me to operate directly and reasonably with each member of my family, without confusing and afflicting anybody. My God, allow me force to transfer exhaustion of coming day and all events within this day. Supervise my will and learn me to pray, trust, hope, suffer, forgive and love. Amen.

Children, hearing our light words, record them in the heart and remember. And if, for some of us, this experience of the daily reference to the world with words of love has not been passed with milk of mother, and has been got by own sincere efforts for our children the pray and a prayerful condition through imitation us becomes already their essence, a warm envelope of their life, becomes their force supporting at any time at all times. And the one who has learned to pray in the childhood, can bless in an old age. It means, that WORDS of our children when they will grow, can cure, give people and all world pleasure and bear love. And then, wherever they would go, they in turn will be met everywhere with the peace, pleasure and love. You receive what you give! Also you receive always two-fold. Whether this thing we, MOTHERS, want for the children irrespective of what color our skin is, what continent we live on, also what religion we profess? We dream that our children would live in an agreement with themselves and with the world that their way by the ground has been shined by good fortune, that they wouldn’t forget for the sake of what they have come to this world, take place in it and would have left a warm trace in hearts of people. And on this way it as air they need our Faith, our unconditional acceptance and blessing. This BLESSING also is born with a hot PRAY, is born with the warm words going directly from sacred MOTHER’S HEART.

Mothers pray for children on multiple languages, but the most important language which unites all us, irrespective of a nationality is the language of a kind heart, the language of true love.

The new life – wonderful one, was blessed to me the Lord
Sleeps in my arms at my breast our family’s — flesh and blood.
The miracle of gentle birth — in favor was created,
From nonexistence so careful — in pleasure has poured.
The mother – Virgin, the Maiden – Sacred Mother
You teach, I appeal, how to become a Mother?
Where to find love keys, to thank for gift of the God?
Do not give up, I ask, teach me how to be a Mother!
Grant wisdom for the heart, to bring up children in love
In a way of motherhood I wish to hope Your help.
I am ailing, My God, allow me force to store a miracle
Also teach, how to glorify, to thank for Your love.
My wonderful children, glorify the Creator with cleanliness!
He will bless you, my favorite ones, with sacred good fortune.
Let’s beg to the Divine Mother, she will cover us with the Cover
She will teach me to be a Mother, and a heart becomes another.


My Lord! Give me Your eyes to see a light Divine image in my children. Give me Your heart to love them undoubtedly. Give me Your tenderness that to grow them carefully as flowers. Give me Your wisdom to direct their way of life. Give me Your force that when time will come, to provide them freedom of choice.

The Lord! Divine Mother! Here is your child. Bless this creature and send me the finest ideas that I would help with his evolution.

God of my heart! You granted to me children on a flesh. I beg You, with good fortune of Yours touch hearts of my children, protect them with Your Divine force of love; keep them from bad bents and habits, direct them on a light life, truth and good.
Decorate a life all of them with kind and saving things, arrange their destiny as You like and rescue their souls and their destinies! My God, God of our Fathers!
Give a right heart to my children to comply with Your precepts, Your revelations and Your charters. And to execute all this! Amen.


Preghiera di una mamma
Signore Gesù, insegnami a capire, ad accettare,
a favorire la vocazione dei miei figli.
Guida i miei gesti, ispira le mie parole
perchè nulla in me li ostacoli
nel seguire la strada su cui li hai chiamati.
Fammi attenta ai loro bisogni,
rispettosa dei loro sentimenti,
capace di sostenerli nel momento del dubbio
o della prova.
Donami il coraggio dell’amore disinteressato,
pronto al sacrificio,
E la madre tua Maria
mi sia ogni giorno
di conforto, di aiuto, e di esempio
in questo cammino.


My God! Learn me to understand, accept and help my children to find their calling.
Operate my gestures, inspire my words in order that anything in me do not prevent them to follow that road on which You have called up them.
Make me attentive to their needs, respecting their feelings, capable to support them in instants of doubts and tests.
Present me bravery of the disinterested love ready to a victim.
Most Holy mother of God, help me with this way a daily consolation, help and an example.


Let the God blesses you! Let in your head reigns light and let all angels will lodge in it.


My God, in authority of Your mercy are my children. Pardon and rescue them, in sake of Your name. My God, forgive them all sins free and involuntary, accomplished by them before You. My God, set them on a true way of Your precepts and reason educate light of love in rescue of soul and healing of a body. My God, bless them in the house, at school, in a way and on each place of Your sovereignty. My God, keep them under Your cover sacred from a flying bullet, poison, fire, from a killing ulcer and vain death. My God, protect them from any visible and invisible enemies, from any illness, clear of everyone nasty and facilitate their sincere sufferings. My God, grant to them good fortune of Your Sacred Spirit for long lives, health, chastity. My God, increase and strengthen their mental faculties and corporal forces, granted by You, Your blessing on pious and if it is necessary for You, home life and shameless birth of children. My God, grant to me, parental blessing on my children this morning, day, night in sake of a name Yours, because Your Kingdom is eternal, almighty and powerful. Amen.


Go with God,
Bypass the enemy, fire,
Deep water and any unintentional trouble.
In the name of the Father and the Son and Sacred Spirit,
Always, now and forever. AMEN.

My God! The Founder! Applying favor to favor, You made me worthy to be a mother of a family; Your good fortune granted children to me, and I dare to tell: they are Your children! Because you granted life to them and lived them out with deathless soul. Keep them in a fertile condition up to the end of a life; vouchsafe them to be communicants of sacraments of Your Precept; consecrate them with Your truth; hallowed be Your sacred name in them and through them!
Grant to me Your fertile help in their education for glory of Your name and advantage of fellow creature! Give me for this objective ways, patience and forces!
Learn me to spread in their heart a root of true wisdom – Your love! Light up their light of Your wisdom operating the Universe!
Grant to me reason to convince them, that the true life consists in compliance with Your precepts; that the work strengthened by piety, delivers in this life a serene contentment, and in eternity — not uttered pleasure. Open them an understanding of Your Law!
Let up to the end of the days them assist in feeling of Your omnipresence; spread in their heart disgust from any lawlessness: let them be pure in their ways; let them always remember, that You, Most Holy My God, the adherent of the law and Your truth!

Adhere them in chastity and awe to Your name! Animate them with will to the useful doctrine and make them capable on any kind matter!
Let them get true concept about those subject matters whose information is necessary in their condition; let them be educated by knowledge beneficial for mankind.
My God! Manage me to impress with indelible features in mind and heart of my children fear of commonwealth with ignorant people to inspire them all-round removal from any union with lawless; let them not listen to rotten conversations; let them not listen to giddy people; let them not be lead astray of Yours by bad examples; let they not be tempted with that sometimes a way of lawless is successful in this world.

Father Heavenly! Grant to me good fortune in every possible way to be protected to submit to my children temptation with my acts, but, permanently with an eye to their behavior, to distract them from error, to correct their errors, to bridle their obstinacy, keep away from aspiration to vanity and levity; let them do not take a great interest in mad thoughts. Let their mind and their health not be ruined by lawlessness, let their sincere and corporal forces not be weaken by sins.

Just Judge, punishing children for sins of parents up to the seventh generation, avert such penalty from my children, do not punish them for my sins, but sprinkle them with dew of Your good fortune; let them succeed in virtue and sanctity; let them grow in Your goodwill and in love of pious people. Give them largess and any mercy!
On parental feeling I would wish my children any abundance of the terrestrial blessings, I would wish them blessing from heavenly dew and from terrestrial fertilizer, but let sacred Your will always be with them!
Arrange their destiny on Your goodwill, do not deprive them in a life of a daily bread, send them all the necessary things in time for getting devout eternity; be mercy to them when they will sin before You; do not make sins of youth and ignorance of them; result in destruction their heart when they will oppose to a management of Your clemency; punish them and pardon, directing on a way, agreeable to You, but do not reject them from Your face!
Accept with goodwill their pray; grant to them success in any kind matter; do not avert Your face from them in days of their grief, let them not be overtaken with their temptation above their forces. Bless them with Your favor; let Your Angel go with them and keep them from any misfortunes and a malicious way.
Make me mother, gladden about the children, let them be my joy in days of my life and support to me in my old age. Award me, with a hope on Your mercy, to stay with them and to tell: Here I and my children whom You have given me, My God! Amen.

Take care, the Lord, about my children!
Among night and in daylight,
Take care, as you take care of me!
Let their way be pure and clear,
In affairs and thoughts you are fine,
Openheartedly for people.
Let round dance of stars
Conduct the children in a track of Love.
Stretch the blue Sky above them.
Take care, the Lord, of children! Take care!

Dear friends! If in your family there were kept invaluable gifts of parent wisdom, and you will have a warm desire to share them, we would be immensely grateful to you. Knowledge of one can bring greater advantage to many and many people. Words have huge force. They can edify, relieve a pain, bring a pacification and pleasure, to warm, give forces and to inspire. These words – World Knowledge of the World belongs to all people and let they live in centuries, as the most valuable, more even likely, a priceless heritage of our generation, a heritage of all mankind.

Let’s open the heart towards to the eternal wisdom carefully kept for us by our grandmothers and we shall pass it to our children and children of our children. And let our life will prosper in mutual confidence, sincere well-disposition and inspiration. Let the Sacred world of the parent heart forever and ever be blessed, bearing to all alive beings on the ground only peace and love!