Music Therapy


It is no longer a secret that the best and easiest means for self-healing of the psyche, the purification of the mind from negative information and impressions – is a music therapy or healing sound. Sound in nature – it is something from which we are made at the atomic level. Enlightened people argue that our entire universe is composed of different sound vibrations, and there is nothing that would not have its sound frequencies. Another thing is that not all the sounds (not all sound frequencies of objects around us), we are able to hear.

Modern scientists have attributed the influence of music on health: musical sounds create energy fields that make every cell of our body vibrate. We absorb “energy of music”, and it changes the rhythm of our breathing, blood pressure, heart rate.

Music – is an art, and like any art is discovered by the soul. Sensing the music is possible, paying attention to it, or taking part in the making.
It was found that music – affects many areas of human life through three major factors: vibration, physiological and psychological ones. Sound vibrations are stimulators of metabolic processes in the body at the cellular level. These vibrations can change the various functions of the body (respiratory, motion, cardiovascular). Through associative relations arising in the process of perception and music performance, there changes the mental condition of the child either. In the Children’s Embassy, we use a wide range of musical instruments and types of music to affect different body functions, depending on the tasks that confront our kids.