The Children’s Embassy is distinguished with special care of children and the approach to education. The experience which has been saved up for years of a life with children is so extensive and varied that it wouldn’t be proper not to share it with everyone who sincerely is interested in the Children’s World.

Here are some years in the Children’s Embassy on a regular basis on Saturdays there pass meetings with women which have chosen for themselves a profession of the nurse and the governess. Within the limits of club, nannies learn, how in the healthy way to organize a life with one, two or three children of different age at home in family. How interestingly and properly to build a rhythm of day, week, year. They study to show performances, to choose the literature for reading, to sew toys. Receive all necessary singing, poetic and game material. After a year of such meetings any nurse feels with confidence, begins with pleasure to concern to her work, – she newly opens the talents and uses them for the good of children with whom she communicates.

It is interesting, that these meetings are very popular among our mums, therefore some of them on a regular basis visit the nurse-club.

P.S. Preliminary record is mandatory.