Discover With Mom

In the Children’s Embassy there is a wonderful tradition of the organization by mums and daddies of surprisingly interesting, kind and cognitive meetings with children of Embassy. On Magic Mondays after a day nap the House turns into a platform for family projects. Each family itself defines throughout a year — when it conveniently to come and with what they can come to children. Parents come not for a visit, but as full participants of alive process. Subject matter of such meetings maybe a hobby of someone from members of the family, talents, a profession, the interests, just the perfect interesting travel to other country, to mountains, desert, on the sea.

It is absolutely free field in time for work and parental self-realization! It can occur in the first year of kid’s stay at the Embassy, and it can occur the next years when the House becomes more meaningful for family. Rules and installations here are not present. There is only your own desire to present the son or a daughter and their friends who, probably, will become their friends for all life, the Holiday.

Children – are the most grateful creatures in the world. Everything, what has come to them with love, they accept with huge pleasure and in the answer they give boundless fidelity. You become a friend for them forever. It doesn’t matter, what position you occupy in the world of adults, a level of your incomes has no value, in big or small apartment you live, what car you ride, what brand of clothes is on you. Your external status for them — is an empty thing. They read out intrinsic and eternal things, instead of alluvial, superficial and perishable ones. It is important for them the condition of your soul and outlook which, whether you want it or not, makes a print for all your nature, on light of your eyes, heat of gestures, beauty of words, truthfulness of acts. Not each adult person is ready to pass such detector. It is not necessary to make advances to children, they do not deceive an external smile of the person, you will not carry away and you will not interest them with false gesture and empty words. Children are the cleanest truth! In this sense the adults getting by a twist of destiny in space of the Children’s Embassy, literally on eyes they are cleared. If inside of you it does not sing, you will not force children to sing, if your heart does not smile you will not see smiles on their faces, if you do not wait for the MEETING with them, they will be indifferent to your arrival, if you inside of yourself are not shone with joy, you cannot amuse them, if you have no interest, you will not carry them away. They will escape, will flow away from your field. It will not be attractive for them. You will not be meaningful for them and cannot get drunk from the cleanest fertile spring of children’s love.

But during centuries there were and there are confidential keys to all children of a planet – beauty of your private world, an openness, desire to serve to the world and to give yourself, your experience, time, knowledge. Love, Pleasure, Light, Gratitude, Cleanliness, Faith, Unity, Freedom is an energy in which all children in the world stay. Enter into space of this energy, make it be your essence, and hearts of children will open to you in pleasure and acceptance. You will enjoy dialogue with children, and will wait for meetings with them. In due course you will see, that after dialogue with children you change, and gradually you change the world to a better side, which you have created with your ideas, words and acts. Everything as though clears up and is filled with true sense. The life gets unity.

The first thing, that changes is an attitude of your Child to you. He as though anew opens you and learns. We see each time at these meetings on Magic Mondays how it is important for the Child, that his mum together with the daddy can organize something interesting outside of the native house, draw to themselves attention of friends, carry them away. They like to see, with what interest children observe their parents and with pleasure do everything that they ask. Sometimes it changes to better side an attitude of other children to such Child, his status raises. Pride of the Child of the parents, and gratitude to them for “having left” and “having presented” their time in space, it helps him to feel more quickly the House as one another protective envelope, memory about which remains with him for all his life. And in difficult minutes of his life he will recall that there is truth in the world, there is a sincere generosity, love and fairness in the world. There will be many ways, but he always will have true reference points. He, certainly, will forget much, so memory is arranged, but kindness which shrouded him in the childhood, becomes his Faith, Confidence, Trust and Force.

For parents such projects are also very important. Besides the fact that meetings with children clear our private world, all preparations for Magic Monday help family to go through minutes of a unification and creation. How it is always interesting for adult to look over living of children in the House. Such projects also provide the way from inside to see all processes personally: how children sleep, how they rise after a day nap, how they have an afternoon snack, how they play, how they cooperate with each other, how they look after the House, what attitude is paid to them, to define a level of their cognitive interest, to trace behavioral reactions. Mum together with daddy can touch an actual life, experience it in details and recollect wonderful instants of the childhood.

P.S. Always it is possible to find an excuse justifying your nonparticipation. Who does not want, that one looks for the reasons who wants, that one looks for possibilities. But, please, do not be simply a passer-by for children. Do not be closed! Do not remain in memory of children as the uncle or the aunt simply day by day bringing in and taking home the Child. Bother yourself, awake yourself, do not be such boring and tired. Come to the Embassy, gladden to life, look for yourself in the Child, look for meetings with children – it is our general rescue.

The children’s Embassy is also a part of Your world! Gift yourself to this world, your attention, care. Paint this world with the best paints. Recollect, what for you were send on the ground? Just to make money, don’t you? How are you reflected in people? What example you are for children?

Making money for living — do not forget about the LIFE!