Ambassadorial Concerts

Since the very first days of the basis of the Children’s Embassy there was no day that music did not reign in its space. Its harmony recovers and adjusts all around. Beautiful singing, training to game on tools and, certainly, meetings with the present musicians in a format of concerts and background scoring of daily employment of children became an integral part of a life in the Embassy.

The musical living-room organizes meetings with the fine executors representing to small listeners music of the most different genres and times, tells about the people creating music which touches soul, acquaints with the world of musical instruments.

The musical living-room can be visited separately from the block of programs on aesthetic development, and it is possible within the limits of subscription to ART SALON. Subscription to ART SALON includes meetings in the Theatrical living-room, employment on Histories of Arts and Ambassadorial concerts. The subscription on next month is got up to 25 numbers of current month.

Cost of the subscription – is 1500 rubles. Cost of one invitation ticket separate of the subscription for mum and the kid – is 800 rubles, the additional ticket for the second child is 200 rubles, for daddies the enter is free.

The quantity of places is limited. Please, record preliminary.

P.S.: the Subscription is available for all members of the Children’s Embassy. Visitors can under the invitation get tickets only on the open Ambassadorial concerts.