Parents’ Get-Together

On Saturdays at us there pass a parental sit-round gathering with tea drinking and needlework. We do not spend assemblies and official meetings, at us other model of relationships with each other. Any kid should understand, that mum brings him in native cozy kind light pure beautiful place which for her means very much. Here are lovely things made by her hands, her presence here is felt. We want it or not, but each child feels with all his essence, whether sincerely mum trusts this place, whether trusts teachers and educators? And when will mum trust? When she will participate in a life of the kid, when she will be interested in his environment, his employment, when she will help to organize holidays for him, when she will make toys for him and even simply when she will bake pies for his friends. By the way our daddies, as it is not surprising, significantly join an ambassadorial life more quickly, especially those ones whose daughters grow. Unfortunately, in city people began to live very isolated. But we notice, that every year more and more families began to organize consciously the leisure, reviving national traditions. And in this plan the Children’s Embassy was that place around of which the adequate and beautiful ALIVE LIFE is developed.

When the child starts to go to the Children’s Embassy gradually and, in our opinion, in healthy way, there reconstructs a rhythm of a life of all family, that as a result, beneficially influences all. Parents noticing however positively it affects a climate in family, on relationships with each other, the influence of the Children’s Embassy, begin concerns with greater confidence to it. Very important, especially for young parents to have true reference points in such mysterious matter, as education of the children. And in the Children’s Embassy, in particular through such wonderful Saturday meetings, parents can always get support, advice and the help.

In Children’s Embassy there come parents who understand, that, only cooperating, supporting and helping each other, we are educators and parents, we can reach good results. At us the overall aim and the general problems – to grow up from our children of healthy and happy people. The kindergartens, developing centers should not turn to left-luggage offices for children or in their full contrast – a cannery in which children, representing to their empty faceless banks, layers stamp “the dead information”. Realizing ambitions of adults or, to the contrary, their full indifference, stop taking away from kids their mental and physical health! Places in which there is a sacrament of growing takes place, places in which there is a sacrament of education and formation of children, should become temples in which each adult, feeling all measure of the RESPONSIBILITY before the present and the future of each child, shows himself a CREATOR. The Children’s Embassy also is called up to become such a place. This very important subject matter is for long conversation. If you wish to understand more deeply philosophy and bases of our outlook, please, read other our sections and come on days off on a sit-round gathering.