Theatrical Living-Room

“The soul should work hard”. Undoubtedly, that each meeting with beauty renders beneficial influence on progress of the Child.

The theatre is, undoubtedly, fine art which in images of heroes learns to kindness, keenness, bravery, love, responsibility, therefore meetings with it should be regular. In city it is a lot of theatres, but they generally greater and noisy. Often the Child should spend many mental forces to contact new space and everything that fills it. The culture of children’s behavior in the Temple of art is still shaped. Unfortunately, very few people from parents perceives travel to theatre as event beyond to an ordinary life for which it is necessary to prepare, more likely to it concern, as to the show, the child engaging at one and a half o’clock. And that the Child and mum should look suitably to event that it is necessary to change footwear, beautifully to behave in an auditorium is often forgotten. The tradition of going out to Theatre has almost died. Now it is more often a simply campaign. And in fact it is a forward pedagogical work – to bring the Child to that instant when there will be generated good habits of behavior in appropriating places and each visiting of a Theatre will be an event for all family, instead of ordinary pastime.

The Children’s Embassy has organized its own Theatrical living-room to which there come the best performances. All repertoires are adopted up to age of children and a season. The majority of statements are interactive; during a plot there exist possibilities of a live dialogue with heroes of statements. There are interesting plots, professional actors, good texts, scenery and suits, beautiful music and speech and the most important cozy conditions of the native Embassy. Everything prepossess to that the meeting with the Theatrical art enriches, feeds with the best human feelings, and nobody has remained indifferent.

The Theatrical living-room can be visited separately from the block of programs on aesthetic development, and it is possible within the limits of subscription to ART SALON. Subscription to ART SALON includes meetings in the Theatrical living-room, employment on Histories of Arts and Ambassadorial concerts. The subscription on next month is got up to 25 numbers of current month.

Cost of the subscription – is 1500 rubles. Cost of one invitation ticket separate of the subscription for mum and the kid – is 800 rubles, the additional ticket for the second child is 200 rubles, daddies visit our play free of charge.

The quantity of places is limited. Please, record preliminary.

P.S.: the Subscription is available for all members of the Children’s Embassy. Visitors can under the invitation get tickets only on the open Theatrical statements.