Children – is an art!

Listening to the daily tales, children draw themselves internally figurative painting and it directly contributes to the development of their imagination. But from time to time, the lives of these inner images should be enriched at the expense of external images. The puppet theatre performs this important function at the Embassy. Regularly, once a week, the magical world of theater comes to life on the stage of the Embassy. For us, a puppet theater – is a mystery, beauty and tranquility. All dolls, both standing and puppets are hand-made and only from natural materials. I must say that this is a very complex creative process. The images of fairy tale characters are not intrusive, they awaken the imagination. They are deprived of the outer detailed elaboration, so that was a place for the child fantasy, but at the same time, well-thought out their inner content. The landscapes are always simple, beautiful and expressive. Everything in the play – the antitypical dolls and beauty of their movements, colors and fabrics for scenery wonderful musical accompaniment helps the child to gain insight into a fairy tale. Current moving dolls cause in the child an idea of the living, cause internal mobility and profound effect on his life. In this environment and atmosphere in which there narrate and heed, it is no less important than the content of production itself. To create an appropriate atmosphere – is great art.

Such theatrical productions give a great impetus to the playing of children their own performances. Our children after this experience gladly improvise, easy writing their own stories. Through this experience their own speech becomes very well developed, it is rich and beautiful.

Once a month, the Embassy invites original statement in our house. But we always do it all very selectively.

Come to the Children’s Embassy, WE’LL WATCH PLAYS!