Infans Studio

Infans Studio

A unique developing program First Steps for moms and babies is very popular in CHILDHOOD EMBASSY.

Most of our parents consider First Steps program as preparative and adaptative to basic programs of EMBASSY, where children stay without moms, but it also can be used as a individual program alongside home studies or run-up to any kindergarten. It really helps children getting their hand in the world, learn to trust, learn to cooperate with other children and grown-ups, to listen and to hear, to look after themselves, to help friends, to draw, to sing, to dance, to act in a play, to craft, to count, to read.

In a TINY HOUSE, situated in a most beautiful place of Ostankinski Park, among wonderful hand-made toys and unusual interior of game rooms, made of wood, take place amazingly warm home meetings of children and their moms with CHILDHOOD EMBASSY minders.

On the programme: roundelays, finger and sing games, crafting with natural materials aiming developing of fine and gross motor skills, molding, painting, appliqué work, puppet show, massage, gymnastics, rhythmic, merry meetings with English language, acquaintance with counting and letters, music, dancing, socialization games, tea party, gifts making, carrying out holydays and many other unexpected pleasures.


These meetings look like traditional upgrading classes, but creative, warm and so cozy atmosphere makes them unmatched. All material which children touch here are all handmade: milled balls, wicker cords, wooden horses with knitted heads, different trays with nature materials, birchen stubs, roundabout with satin ribbons, pool with chestnuts, selfweaved rugs. After joint games children go to workshops where they handicraft nice items: rag dolls, milled dwarf, playing cords or woolen spring sun, sunflower from salt dough and real seeds or bake cookies. The meeting ends with tea and home bakery and little puppet theatre. Every visit to CHILDHOOD EMBASSY gives absolute pleasure, during it one can charge with energy and wish to discover own child and create together with him. All moms say, that when their children wake up in the morning they ask to visit the House. It’s a great award. Because the House exists to gladden its children and to be their friend.

Besides visiting classes on the days from schedule, members of CHILDHOOD EMBASSY have an opportunity to play and have rest in the Houses any time, and freely use EMBASSY library, which counts hundreds of books, audio and video teaching materials. One always can drop in to speak to child minders, ask questions, feed Baby, find shelter during bad weather and change clothes. It’s so wonderful to come to the most beautiful Moscow park, walk among unique plants, feed ducks, play on a swing, meet a friend, listen to music, play favorite toys, watch fairytale, read interesting books. Such rhythm of life with children is not only about health and joy!!! It’s about CHILDHOOD EMBASSY.

For classes and meetings with EMBASSY traditions, chose a group suitable to age and rhythm of the day and visit us for sure.

For sure drop into tiny house! You will like it in any way! Lets make friends!!!