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In any family sooner or later the moment comes, when grown up baby boy or girl claims his or her will to step out the wonderful family word and to start expanding the horizons of perception. This first experience of meeting the open world is very important. It is priceless for all private history of little Person. Whether the child will trust the world, that means to attract by his thoughts only good things into his life, whether he will be sincere, kind, bright, joyful, careful, attentive, patient depends on the harmonious world around him during the first seven years of his life on the earth. The thing, that we are all natives of childhood is no more a secret to anyone.

CHILDHOOD EMBASSY is open for children everyday, from morning till night, during the calendar year. During generous Autumn, and fairy Winter, and tender Spring, and wonderful Summer children run joyfully into their Houses, fill them with the purest energy of their love. Organization of children’s life of different ages in accordance with challenging tasks, which we, the grown-ups, bringing knowledge of traditions, culture, moral statutes can set before ourselves, is the best way in the model of big House. Not the establishment, but just the House!!!! All the rules of cohabitation live objective in the Houses, and that is why children take them easily from the first days of conversance with Embassy.

Children immediately stat perceiving the Houses as their own ones. Here in the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY we have such a feeling that kids knew from the very beginning where they came, what for and whom to. In the Houses children spend time without moms, they settle down to this world by their own, they recon only on themselves, their skills, knowledge, experience, moral virtues, they open up rules of cohabitation. Coming here they have time to play and to study enough. Warm home atmosphere prospers healthy development. Good, healing atmosphere, harmonic surrounding, toys, fabric, furniture made of natural materials, beautiful interior let children spend their time freely and gladly. They play absorbingly, listen to fairytales, watch and act interesting plays, handicraft items, study foreign languages, plant flowers and vegetables, make jam, bake bread and cookies, dance, play chess, go hiking, take care of babes, study basics of all sciences, meet history of arts and folk traditions.

WINDOWS TO THE WORLD of arts, literature, oeuvre, science, laws of people’s life are always opened in all the EMBASSY Houses for all children and grown-ups.

CHILDHOOD EMBASSY – is a big world of Childish Childhood, which gifts everybody experience of warmness, light and joy.