Children – is a nature!

Nature speaks a language understood by the child.

If a child grows in harmony with nature, which is within him, and in harmony with nature that surrounds him, then he gradually forms devout, respectful attitude towards the world. Therefore, it is important that, in spite of living in the city we are able to keep children close to nature. In the Children’s Embassy, we see our task is not simply to give children knowledge about plants, animals, minerals, but to instill the right attitude, respect and interest in the world in general.

Not artificial, but natural things and should be a part of the civilized world. A very wise woman said that, unfortunately, modern people are attentive to the diversity of the built environment and “blind” ones are to the natural diversity. Indeed, most of the children by the age of three know excellently brands of machines and pay attention to everything new, seen in the urban environment. But in relation to what they see for the first time a flower, an insect or a bird – they are “blind”. They do not see that the flowering plants – are different, birds sing differently. And if you do not see, then, and they are not be able to save.

We must live, developing confidence both in ourselves and in children “vigilance”, attention to changes in the nature. Regular, weekly, joint trips to the woods or the park allow to receive a variety of experiences, enriching the new knowledge and experience. These trips bring a lot of joy and good for the health of children. During these trips, we always collect “treasures”. Beautiful stones, leaves, roots, acorns and chestnuts, moss and bark are collected specifically for table of seasons.

Table of seasons – it is a special place in the Children’s Embassy. It stops the child’s focus on the essentials, what happens in nature, it gives a sense of permanence and certainty that all over again, but each time filled with new meaning. After all, in nature one season inexorably replaced by another, and each season has its own character and its tasks. In the course of the year on this table via a beautiful draped silks, it appears all the color wheel. The correct choice of color is very important, since it was he who creates the mood of time. Spring meet all shades of fresh herbs, summer – bright yellow, closer to the fall appear warm reddish-orange and brown hues, then purple and violet, and the winter – cold bluish and white. Table of seasons – a kind of festive area, which in addition to fabrics, and decorated with a variety of iconic objects. Summer – be it flowers in the autumn, during the festival of harvest – pumpkin, apples, ears of wheat. In winter, here comes Mother Snowstorm with a basket of snow, and in the spring with a pot of grains sown in it. Children have a special relationship to this place. This table they called magical, since it runs a special life, mesmerizing them. It is marked by all landmarks of the year. Wilting and awakening, autumn and winter ripening process of hardening. We are confident that the close association with nature helps children to open their hearts to meet the knowledge and people.

Besides interesting trips to nature we walk with the kids into the educational trips. We are friends with many wonderful masters of their craft, whose daily work brings real benefits to people and the results of whose works can be seen firsthand. I must say that children love to watch the work of the potter and the shoemaker, baker and basket-blacksmith and painter. They see human labor ensures the natural processes necessary for life as manifest of human qualities and abilities. We go on and we have a farm where animals are grown, fields are cultivated, fruit and vegetable gardens are cared after. After these campaigns there are so much new topics for conversation and games. And for children it is no longer a mystery where there is bread and milk on the table, how you can make yourself a cup and mend clothes or shoes. They have their own experience, not just dry book knowledge. The objective of these campaigns is very simple. We do not aim to professional orientation of our children, we want our children watching the enthusiastic with their work masters, in order they form a respect for work.

Come to the Children’s Embassy, WE’LL TRAVEL TOGETHER!