Invitation To Visit

Morning program.

At the Children’s Embassy a day begins traditionally very early. The doors are already opened at 7:00 am. The gentle sound of the bell greets all incoming people. Comfortable light in clay houses, lamps, placed on the windows already lit, warmly inviting to come. The smell of bread that is baked in the oven envelops our friends from the threshold. It’s the smell of a cozy home, where you are always waited for, where you are always welcome. During the open days for all the parents who bring children to the embassy, there is a great opportunity to have a breakfast with warm scones with homemade jam, drink fresh fruit juice, flavored coffee or herbal tea, and often listen to gentle live music and communicate with teachers. During ordinary days children already at the threshold say goodbye to their parents, escorting them to work. Nobody hurries anywhere. Children dress up in their own pace and gradually incorporated into the flow of normal everyday business affairs. Some of them, wearing aprons, together with a child-minder go watering the flowers, wipe the dust, washes napkins and doll clothes, irons towels and someone helps to cook breakfast, cuts the paper napkins, washes fruits, smears sandwiches with butter, covers the table with a tablecloth and cutlery. The meaning of all this and many other “home” work not only as a result, and, above all, in the process. Everything is always done beautifully and with pleasure, often with a little ditty. Besides a teacher is always talking to children, explaining the course of many things.In the Children’s Embassy there is important attitude of adult, the feeling with which gesture he makes any kind of work. For children living in strength of imitation given to them by nature, it is an adult attitude to their work is the most important educational moment.

Any simple, at first glance, work can mean a lot of things to do. After all, we teach children not only when we give them something to explain, but, above all, when we do something nice with them and with them. We pay a lot of attention at the embassy to the formation of correct habits. After all, even in ancient times, the teacher said that if you sow an act, you reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny. Everything is “laid” in a childhood and there couldn’t be any details here. Children learn much faster any skills, they easier absorb the concepts about the world, if learning process is embedded in real active life. Unfortunately, currently it is considered that it is more important to seat as soon as possible the kid at the desk, and teach him to carry out the instructions written by far from real life with children “experts”, and please yourself with the thought that you are doing “education” and “bringing up” of children. The results of this approach, we are observing the extremely low level and one-sided development of the most children. The paradox is that the number of “developing” centers every year become more and more numerous, and the level of knowledge of our children become less and less every year. The level of health of our children is also at the same catastrophically negative depending on the “novelty” of learning approaches. All the important concepts of nature, of animals, of the things a child can and should obtain from real life, but not drawing out with colored pencils the images in prescriptions. The development of children takes place not for the “training” boards. Not “didactic trash”, “didactic bucket” and “didactic broom”, but a real broom and cleaning of the debris after the present work with these pieces of wood and a saw. Why should you artificially simulate a situation, if you can trust your child to wipe a real table, wash the dishes after eating this, and much more real cases? The only question is how to do it, how to create a rich life outside the home, which would enrich the experience of children, would imbue them with useful knowledge, have strengthened their health? Finding answers to these questions, it has allowed us to build an effective program and pick up the healing methods of interaction with the children, which ultimately is the main secret of the remarkable results that are making babies, childhood of which takes place at the Embassy. Desire of children to participate in all that an adult makes is incredibly incendiary. If, we, the grown-ups, would have at least a fraction of their creation energy, passion to learn new skills and knowledge, trust, and love to people, desire endlessly to try and do.

Let us return to our schedule. We just want to say that the attitude to the formation of each day, is like painting a beautiful and truly priceless paintings, which will remain forever in eternity. It is impossible to have to erase it, it impresses the soul of children. Therefore, every minute of the day for us – it is a thoughtful artistic brushstroke on the canvas of life. What are some of these pictures will be remembered, and what is gone from memory, but each of them will leave their mark on the heart. Such an attitude to every day helps to be awakened every second and reconcile our actions, our gestures and words with the highest ideal. So day after day they emerge in a lifetime. What kind of life will it be?

So, the day starts at 7 am till 8.15pm at the Embassy. Toys at this time are still asleep. We just have to mention that all the toys in the house are only from natural materials and only handmade. Dolls in embroidered nightgowns lie in cradles, cars are in the garage, balls, cubes, cones and seashells, all children’s wealth still rests in wicker baskets and birch splints. But the colorful wax crayons on the table, covered with a soft flannel, are waiting for young artists and children that just have come from their home, and still are in a state of dreams, often paint in the morning their magic dreams, releasing them one by one into a fairyland of dreams. This is the time when children are happy to help repair toys and glue books, transplant flowers and mortar with crush the berries to breakfast, cut paper napkins, spinning them in a tube and put in a fan-shape into a beautiful napkin. There is always a lot of work in the bathroom and a dressing room, you ought to hang clean towelies, spread fragrant soaps in their houses, drip mint elixir for all the kiddies cups for rinsing mouth, neatly folded clothes in baskets. So many cases, so that you only have time. There is nothing to get hang around! Boys start to work with pleasure in the studio by cutting logs, scoring cloves with hammers and drilling holes with hand drill in wooden planks. Sticks harvested by them, saw cuts and tablets are useful later in the game. There are always a lot of things for repairing toys and Dr. Powderpill. It is necessary to treat a foot of Bunny, sew buttons to the puppet’s coat, repair roof at the house or at the foot of the puppet stage. Some of children crack cedar, walnuts or forest nuts, shells are smashed by wooden bars, and someone mills on hand-mill wheat and rye grains, knead the dough and brioche molds. And how cool it smells of oranges when they squeeze out tasty juice and envelops with its aroma brewed sweet mint tea. Jam, brewed on the eve, is already spilled into little dishes and waits for little gourmets. Children are very fond of bathing fruits and vegetables in water, put them nicely on a white towel and on small wooden boards with special knives to cut them for breakfast. If you cut an apple not along, but across, you can see a real star. A tasty cucumbers with small white seeds inside live in greenbacks suits. If we look at the world round slice carrots, you can see the sun. . In the Children’s Embassy we teach children not just to watch, but to see. The connection to the miracle gives mental strength with which the child will go through life. But before you begin to sound in a child, it’s a surprise every second before the creation of miracle is to live as an experience, as a basis in the adult world. We do not play with the children in miracles, so we feel we live. Meaningful work is in full swing, and each child has a choice of what to make with his own hands.

So gradually there wakes the Children’s Embassy.

By 8.15 child-minders complete all the preparations for the day and sit on the magic meadow, inviting children to join the ritual of the meeting of the day. From the match little house a gnome gets the longest match – a gift of Sunbeam and lits an aromatic lamp, on the palms of children there applied tangerine or rose oil, and all together they sing the beautiful welcome song with smooth gestures to start the day. In this morning’s lap children will learn interesting facts about the time of the year and the fact that today they will wait for the day, make a special exercise and play gestural and finger games, necessarily related to current or upcoming holiday season.

At 8.40 there is a breakfast. At the Embassy meal must pass at the common overall, beautifully laid table. We treat this ritual as a holiday. At the table, we remember who is not with us today and discuss what we shall pass as a sign of attention and desires of soon recovery to missing children. We pay attention to etiquette, showing an example of table manners. Child-minders teach children to carry on a conversation, listen and talk. Topics for discussions are not accidental, everything is always thought out to the smallest detail. At the end of the meal the children with great pleasure clean everything: wash their dishes, arrange them in their places, put in a basket cloth and napkins, sweep the floor with small broom. And it is important to emphasize that children do all the work from their inner desire, rather than from an external motivation, and even more so, of coercion. If the adult does everything beautifully, with love and pleasure, the same a child will do either. From the truth of our work, any work becomes perfect. The child then believes us and gladly wants to imitate us. By allowing children to participate in our every moment creation of the day, sharing with them our concerns and actions, we become united with them in co-creation, which in the end makes us real friends. They feel our trust, instead of giving boundless gratitude, zeal and love. What is the atmosphere of prosperity at the same time here! And then it turns out that not only clean food and water feed the necessary books and good training programs, but above all, the right perception and a healthy attitude to each other. Children’s upbringing – this is a great real art!

At 9.00 there takes place the most important in the daily rhythm – a free game, the special time when children play in small or large groups, using all the rich variety of natural materials, colorful fabrics, furniture and handmade toys. Impulse to the very beginning of the game gives the child-minder. She carries a certain fairy-tale mood, belief in the magical essence of all things that live in the game-room. Figuratively there occurs a grand opening of the store, a garage and depot with trains and railway. Tutor “wakes up” the dolls to help them get dressed, lay a cot and gradually begin their adult cases without interfering with the children’s instructions and recommendations. In “Toy Library” section, you can see how it flows while at the embassy. There are many nuances that help children to give impetus to the game. And one of them – an organization of “working creative backgrounds – shop”, which helps to create a participative atmosphere in the game. That means, while a free game is flowing, adults engaged in important activities of the daily lives of the Embassy. In the presence of children are engaged in needlework. This table is prepared early in the morning or even the night before, and opens only during the free games. Watching the beautiful work of a child-minder, kids get creative impulse for their own games. But they often overlook of their game for the time and join the adult business. The list of man-made cases presented in detail in the section “NATURE CALENDAR”, and therefore we will not describe it here. It is important to say is that it is a great teacher art to organize the space, his activities and the activities of the children in order to appear the feeling of ease and adult hands innocence to what is happening, in reality the mystery of incarnation of all fantasies and plans children. So gradually there formed in children stronger belief in themselves and their strength and it is growing. The game flows under its own laws. Knowledge of these laws has led to the fact that children’s embassy is an area joy. By acquiring a healthy experience of the game, our children are not bored any where. Neither in the embassy, either at home or during a trip. They always know how to occupy themselves and organize other children around themselves.

At 10.00 all Child-minders complete their work and with folding of their tools give children the impulse to start of Cleaning the playroom. This is a very important and interesting process. A lot of educational and training aspects are based on it. Each toy is living in his house, and put it gently into place, classifying all the relevant baskets, finding, taking into account the color, size, requires certain skills, knowledge and effort on the part of the child. Children love order when everything has its place and is laid beautifully. Cleaning appears as a continuation and at the same time the natural completion of the game. Silk colored cloth flies away like a butterfly, bears leave to the den, horses come back home, compacted balls roll in the basket, puppet children remove their clothes, dressed into the home gown, lay down in their beds neatly laid, all the dishes are spread beautifully on the places. Tables-ships returned to harbor, benches-boats moor at the dock and chairs-cars go into the garage. Everything from the stores are taken to a warehouse. Built of boards screens and racks bridges, homes and hospitals are taken to pieces. Crane loads arriving carts with the building materials, which are then decomposed and were conveyed to their places. But detectives of specks and dust particles go on their trucks in search of fine dust. Gradually, all the toys fall asleep. If a toy or book was ill, it is sent to the workshop, and for sure in the morning it’ll be fixed. Everything ends with the arrival of the little mouse that scans all the hidden corners, whether there is something that was not seen, if anyone need help to return home in time?

After the free play at about 10.15 at the Embassy it is time once again to get together on a magical glade. It begins incredibly interesting, entertaining and exciting activity with its beauty, filled with songs, games gesture, theatrical, dance and dances. It is very difficult to identify and name it in one word – it is both the music and rhythm, singing and dancing. This is the central lesson of the day. It is so skillfully and intelligently thought out and filled with images that children are with great joy involved in it, living it with all their being. There are no spectators and actors. This is a real little life in which every kid magically turns into a fairy-tale world in which, the birds are chirping, stones are talking, clouds, trees and flowers are singing, there are gnomes and elves, who become visible. Everything comes to life and together with children you become a part of this magical world, and the world becomes a part of you. Children always have a great sense of where the truth and falsehood is. At that moment, you do not play in the magical world of children, keeping distance and just telling poems and showing gestures. No, you really become a fairy or giant bunny or bear for a while, you become a river and stone, rain, fire and wind. For a while – the time stops. But there comes a moment when the coach turns back into a pumpkin, princes and princesses – into children and fairies – into child-minders, and we all gratefully let go the magic dance into its magical land. Any action in the Embassy we treat as a gift that we do to ourselves. From this relationship there is a sense of truthfulness and completeness of all life. This gives a special mood, which ultimately allows children around us, to shape themselves, as demonstrated by our practice, natural and correct way.

By 10.45 it comes time to eat juicy fruit, drink the beverage of giants and go, finally, for a walk. It seems to be just one sentence, but how interesting this time is held in the embassy. Lunch is organized as a journey to visit the squirrel, which treats with tasty nuts that in morning were chop for it with the help of children. Someone gets a nut into mouth, someone gets it into hand, and someone gets it into paw or into a crop. Then a cobbler comes to visit the children. He knocks with small fists-hammers and asked to guess where did he put little presents of delicious fruit – in the attic, that is in the upper fist, or – in the basement, that is, the lower the fist? This is the time when children can entertain all your friends with sweets, brought from home. Each kid has his magic bag, he takes it home in the evening and in the morning brings it back to the Embassy with small treats. This may be just one apple, and then we before children eyes divide it into equal pieces, in order not to hurt anyone, and then the kid goes around and says, “Help yourself, please” offers to his friends to try his present. Children love the gesture of giving. How their eyes light up with love in this moment! The child feels gratitude that flows from his friends, for what he thought about them, share with them and that feeling stays with him as a gift for always. At the end of the meal a boat with the song sails and brings the vessels with fresh juice and a paper towel to wipe the hands. After the breakfast the horse takes away all the dishes at carriage. Child-minder rips petals from colorful flower, releasing those children to dress for walk, who have the same color as that of the petal in clothes.

In the locker room the older kids at first help to dress little children, and then they dress themselves and all together they go for a walk on the music small train. Our train – it’s a beautiful knitted rope with bells, for which kids hold when we go with song together on the street. The whole process of dressing in the embassy is very pleasant, cheerful and thoughtful. Lovely songs that child-minders croon are fascinating and give children the right rhythm. At the time of dressing there is a wonderful occasion for adults with their gentle movements to give the child to feel their warm attitude and strengthen even stronger thread of mutual trust. This is another opportunity to “meet” with the child in the most important sense of the word. We have already said that in the lives of children at the embassy there are no trifles. Every moment is beautiful and meaningful in their own way.

If you’re wondering how the children spend an afternoon, you can continue your virtual journey over the Children’s Embassy.


We continue the journey over the Children’s Embassy. From 11.00 till 12.00 children have walk. This is a time of exploration and discovery, treasure hunts and games of daughters and mothers. Children climb trees and stumps, swinging on swings, splashing in the pool, dig in the sand or snow hole, hide treasures, collect the natural wealth – unusual in shape roots, beautiful pebbles and leaves, consider snails, butterflies, spiders and worms. They craft huts and houses for birds, ride bikes and scooters, jumping over the rope and play hopscotch. On the street you can play football and dodgeball. Gradually, with the help of child-minder in the lives of children in the Embassy there includes all the wealth of traditional folk games. This whole area of our non-stop work to return folklore to the daily life of children. Folklore in the translation from English means “folk wisdom”. This ancestral tradition – it is the foundation on which we build all our work. For us it is a source of inspiration and healing powers. Unfortunately, a thread is almost interrupted on which there passed experience and the rules of many games from child to child, which have been filling in all the free time of children for many generations. There are many reasons for this. Therefore, now it is upon us, the adults, we have the task of re-teach the children with traditional games, which the children have been playing for centuries in order to not dried up the source of folk wisdom that feeds the soul and the strength of the people. Children at the Embassy know a lot of outdoor games, happy to play them, actively spend their time on the walk. Our kids are very fond of messing around on the street with water and sand. In general, for the health of children is very useful during the day to, come into contact with all the elements: water, fire, earth and air. Such familiarity with the elements provides interesting experiences from the outside world. Child-minders at this time, are too busy with work. They take care of the garden flowers and trees, they plant and grown in the garden vegetables and berries, sweep tracks, paint fences, mill grains into the flour, carve a fence from a rod, make a pinwheel, whistles, make wreaths, cut toys from logs, master stilts, make harvesting the winter herbs, fruits and vegetables. In winter, cleaned from snow trails, ride snowmen, build ice slides and snow towers, pour colored water to paint rollers, clean snow. They are active, enthusiastic with their work, the real creative person!

At 12.00 we go in the house. On Mondays, it happens a little later, as we return from the hiking by the magical small train. Children clean their clothes, undress and go to wash. In the bathroom there live little raccoon and his friends puffs: frogs, ducks, fish, penguins, in general, all those who love the water, who love to bathe and wash. They help children to wash away the “dirty mittens” and hands very much like to see how kids lather white gloves. By the way soap we do with the children ourselves. After washing the little hedgehogs, massage their hands, sniffing how delicious clean hands of children smell with perfumed soap and escort them to the playroom. And here is the gardener puts on the kids’ feet clean fluffy warm socks and starts favorite for all children act. Usually it happens like this: the kids in turn lay down on his knees of the child-minder with their belly, laying down the arms and legs, and the child-minder, with a song with a special sentence-patting, pinching and stroking the back of the baby, making him from head to heels nice relaxing massage.

In 12:30 comes the fairy-tale. Storyteller throws the magic shawl, shoes fairy slippers on her feet, lights a candle and starts the story. She has very beautiful ambassadorial book of folk tales of many, many countries around the world on her knees. This book we created by ourselves, literally years of selecting the treasures of the national oral creativity from all corners of the earth. She tells tales always vocally and very skillfully. It is necessary to see how the children listen to it, literally plunging into the fascinating and exciting world of heroes. It’s really an art form through the intonation of speech, gestures to make a fairy tale is almost visible. Looking at the article “FAIRY-TALE” you understand – how and why the Embassy is living a fairy tale. And it’s time we let the story go in her dreamworld and we go to eat. Touching with special hammer to the bell, the children take turns going to the table on which the candle burns longer, recalling that it was dinner time.

At 12.40 the Embassy dinner time comes. We have already said that a common meal – it is always a holiday. Beautiful crockery decorated with fresh flowers on the table, embroidered tablecloths and napkins. Required ritual of blessing and thanksgiving. You can read the article “MEAL” is a bit more of everything that is happening at this hour. We only say that this is a time when we eat slowly with the children fruits of the earth, the earth of the working man. Here, as always, it is very important the attitude of the child-minder, her attention to her every gesture – the way she pours first dishes with a silver ladle from a beautiful tureen, how she admires the fragrant aroma of spices, rising above the plates, floating like boats for children, how respectfully she cuts the bread and how smoothly pours shimmering with all shades of red fruit compote. All of this excites in children a good appetite and a desire to taste a new dish, a desire to try and get enough. In the Children’s Embassy there are no problems with the food. Children eat everything always and with pleasure. The truth is we have our own secrets in shaping children’s menu and cooking. But these secrets in the public domain for our parents. We spend even master classes for them on specific topics, always use the same interest.

From 13.00 till 15.00 it’s time of rest. Children have so much experience that they necessarily in the middle of the day need more time to “digest” them. We can say that the right rhythm itself “brings” a child to the bedroom, to favorite pillows and blankets filled with silk, which warms and protect children’s dreams. In the Embassy for each baby there is his own bed and very nice linens. On each cot there is a hand knitted valance and a cozy canopy. Child-minder helps children slowly to undress and beautifully folded their clothes, puts a foot-warmer under each child’ legs, encased in milled bag made of natural wool, giving a soft sleeping doll-pad with lavender, lights magic aroma lamp and sits in the rocking chair. Charming lyre and crooning gentle lullabies gradually fill the space. Her voice, the movements are the heat, wrap and lull. She remains on all the time in the bedroom, protecting children’s light sleep. Someone necessarily need to be shook, stroked, fixed the blanket, whispered a kind word in the ear. You should always keep in mind that the child should go to sleep with the condition that he is loved. When there are many children and you do not always have the opportunity during the day to tell personally to each child, how good you feel about him. But the children are waiting for confirmation of their importance to us. Therefore, here are moments in the locker room, on the clearing with a massage and in the bedroom at the time of placing the baby in the bed and we can give him to feel our love and acceptance, thereby feeding him and giving him the strength to grow and develop.

At 15.00 there comes a time of awakening. With gentle ditty child-minder passes between cots and stroking children cordially greet them. Several times a month the awakening of children is under the magical sounds of the harp, flute or gusli. These days there come our friends musicians to the Embassy. Children gradually rise. Someone has to do stretching and massage, someone need patting to help to wake up, and someone quickly gets up and helps the child-minder to dress and to comb little kids. After resting the children put in order their own little bed, comb, put their sleeping pupae in total cradle and go washing. After water procedures in the Children’s Embassy everybody gathers in a clearing, and there comes a time of gestural and the finger games, articulation exercises. After sleeping children are in the dreaming state, and these games help to recover and awake. Additionally, kinesthetic impulses from the hands and fingers directly affect the formation and development of speech areas of the brain that, in general beneficial effect on the overall development of the child. In the Children’s Embassy has its own magic box of games, which is always and in print and in electronic form at the disposal of the parents of our children. Exactly at this time at the Children’s Embassy children get a wonderful box of amazing folk toys, traditionally amused children for many centuries – it’s a variety of walkings and grinders, balancers and pawns, Bogorodsk and Dymkovo toys. It has a rich collection of children’s board teaching games, brought from different countries and the bulk of colorful books with moving pictures. The snack time is from 15.15 till 15.45 is held in a free rhythm. The children take care of themselves. They are waiting for beautifully set table, with baskets of dried fruit, homemade cookies and jars with stewed fruit, herbal tea and water. They pour themselves drinks and choose what they want to eat.

At 16 o’clock, in accordance with the rhythm of the week the classes are held on Mondays – it’s painting, chess, on Tuesdays – it’s music and dancing, on Wednesdays – it’s modeling, on Thursdays – it’s paper plastics, on Fridays – it’s a theater. All of these activities are described in detail in the relevant sections ACTIVITIES block. Please check back to feel a special approach to the mastery of children skills, it is inherent in the Children’s Embassy.

At 17.00 everybody gathers in a small house on a special clearing to finish the day with friends, then the children dinner and at 18.00 there is the second walk for children. Often, by the beginning of a walk parents come for children. This is the time when they have a wonderful opportunity to talk with the teacher and with each other, to replace the linen cupboard, to watch the kids playing with each other, share their thoughts and wishes, to hear the news, to ask questions and to share their views.

So in this way the day ends for the majority of children in the Children’s Embassy. But for older kids we have a very interesting evening program. To get to know it you can extend a virtual tour of the Children’s Embassy.


From 18.00 till 19.00, our kids go to extra classes at the Children’s Academy in accordance with the schedule.

On Mondays, children come to visit the Chess Queen..

On Tuesdays – a course includes the basics of self-defense and martial arts.

On Wednesday – an interactive training program “World of travelling and adventure” at the rate of natural science. This program includes during the year classes on geography, botany, biology, mineralogy and astronomy.

On Thursdays in the embassy there opened Children’s research laboratory in which kids in an entertaining form are acquainted with the principles of physics and chemistry. They are engaged in the design, conduct experiments, show tricks.

On Friday – a baby-yoga..

Schedule can be changed. Embassy will inform parents in advance about all changes.

The rhythm of life in the city is very fast. Parents sometimes, despite of their boundless love for children, have not enough time to arrange for relaxed, but at the same time healthy and interesting life at home. Therefore, Children’s embassy, putting the task of harmonious development and protection of children 24 hours a day for seven days a week, not only offers morning and afternoon programs and evening classes with the possibility of delivery children home.

At 19.00 the children have the second light supper, after which up to 20.00 at the embassy it is a time of medical and educational courses: music therapy, art therapy, game therapy, sand therapy, calm games with water. All classes are aimed at harmonization of all processes in the body of the child. This is a time of a special atmosphere, reminiscent of the magical kingdom of good fairies. The quiet sounds of flowing movements, wonderful flavors – all relieves tension and gradually prepare the child for a night sleep.

At about 20.00 there comes Bayun-cat to children with his wonderful tales. From the music box he gets colored wool and silk strings, tying them to the baby’s wrist with the good wishes of beautiful dreams, greases palms with miraculously rose oil, light a candle and starts to tell a story. So gradually it is smoothly completed throughout of the day. After tales children with a child-minder walk around the Embassy and with silver bells quenched candle-lamps in houses with a wish of Good night to all fabulous residents. Tomorrow everything will happen again. But it will be another day.

Here is a peaceful happy childhood for our kids.

Children Embassy is open for children both on Saturday and Sunday. These days you can come to the games room with your friends, brothers, sisters, to have fun and usefully spend time. It’s great to show to your mutual people your toys, games, favorite books! Our children are very fond of the weekend, because these days always there work craft workshops, where you can do decorative painting, wallow, ceramics, stained glass, weaving, manufacture of toys.. For many children, this is one of the few opportunities to see their parents doing something with their hands, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their respect for them. You must agree that even a child can press button on the TV remote control, computer keyboard or dishwasher. During the work in craft workshops the favorite adult before the child is a creator, from the hands of which there come out the created toy, embroidered cushion, hand-made cup! You should have seen how delighted child plays with the ball that was sewed by his mother! Yes, a dozen homes purchased in the store many times more beautiful and better made balls, but this one, made by the mutual person, thousand times better. That is why almost all teaching materials at the Children’s Embassy, games and toys are only handmade. In the “PHOTO ALBUM” you can see them.

So we tried to describe you a typical day at the Embassy. It is important to note that although we have defined for each class its precise time, but the transition from one activity to another is always going smoothly, that is the beginning of the next session artfully built into the end of the previous, because each child has its own internal rhythm, and we should not pull him sharply from his activities. To do this there if endless fount of gentle songs, funny poems and provocative games in the luggage of each child-minder, that are naturally prepared a kid to what will happen soon. This helps the child to gradually tune and calmly prepare for the new activity. Each lesson, stringing on a common thread of the day, one after the other flows smoothly into one another, with the result that the child does not tire, but only helps the common task of strengthening his health, good education and a decent grade education.

Just a few words, we would like to say about the importance of the total annual rhythm! Annual rhythm – is the breath of the earth, and if we want to receive power from the earth, we have to be integrated into it and live in this rhythm. . Rhythm, in the lives of children is reflected in how to naturally follow year after year recurring one another at the Children’s Embassy nature themed era. Their content depends on the characteristics of each season, the character of the main parties and defines the types of manual activities, selection of games, songs, stories, toys. In the Children’s Embassy there is a rich collection of poetry musical and artistic materials, which brought up the children and the rich traditions of the holidays, what you can read more in the “HOLIDAY” article.

Well, here, perhaps, we want to finish our virtual tour, inviting you already to see with your own eyes the veracity of all the above described. In some of our articles, dear parents, you will be able once again to clarify for yourselves some aspects of a child’s life in the embassy. In general we can say that the Children’s Embassy, as a live shell protects the child to the proper period, helps him to get stronger, to be fed with the forces and absorb knowledge necessary for the whole of his later life. Predictable, but at the same time interesting and varied life in the Children’s Embassy harmoniously develops the child gradually day by day shaping his good habits. Habits – this is what the child is doing without the effort, and that it will be in a base of his life, because over time it is a habit, as we have said, will form the basis of his character. Good habits – good character! Beautiful thoughtful rhythm allows you to evenly distribute throughout the day and during the week the burden on the child, strengthening his forces, developing his inclinations and capabilities, feeding it with new healthy impressions.

We appreciate the confidence of parents and try to justify it with continuous improvement of our knowledge and enriching of our experience in order to Children’s Embassy has always justified its purpose – to be a place where children feel good! ! In the warm atmosphere of care, attention, comfort our children grow strong, kind, attentive, responsive and come into school period ready for new knowledge, having all the necessary for a new stage of their life skills and abilities. They are markedly differentiated by good health, great energy and a burning desire to learn and explore the world! And in our opinion – this is a very valuable luggage!

We wish peace to your home, health to your families and well-being in all good endeavors!