Hurray! Hurray! On September, the 10th in the Children’s Embassy there is a holiday!

The new House which the children have named a Rose one, opens the hospitable doors for all friends!

Together with children we have collected one more basket a tomato from an ambassadorial kitchen garden. We shall study to preserve them. The previous party was cut and frozen. Greens have already been dried. Jam from plums and jam from ambassadorial apples have been done. There will soon ripen sunflowers.

Come on a visit, with pleasure we will share a crop!

In Russian House there was a new tenant. The white hedgehog. We think, how we shall name it. Maybe you have any ideas?



In our new House which the Children’s Embassy restores with the Divine help and support of many kind and talented people, the basic works connected with restoration of all oak floors, doors and windows finally are completed. It was possible to keep all stucco molding, to clear walls of multilayered painting and to return to them former cleanliness. What a beauty! Very tall ceilings and in these walls the voice sounds so beautifully, that all time we would be desirable to sing our Russian lingering songs.

Moreover near the House we have planted some very young apple-trees. Let them grow on pleasure for everybody!

In the Children’s Embassy there was a new tenant — a parrot Herman. While it gets used to the new house, communicates reluctantly, but with pleasure eats apples and with interest listens to fairy tales. We hope, that we shall make friends and we shall learn it to speak. Children right now prosecute this subjects very intensively.

One of these days our good friend granny Galya has finished knitting to us wonderful covers for all our favorite flutes. Uncle Volodya has sawed from the branch, which have fallen off after recent hurricane billets, children have cleaned them, and uncle Serezha, Tati’s daddy burn out with his magic device names of all Children. Now each flute has a nominal house. It has turned out very fine! Now elegant flutes wait, when queen of music will come, and children will play again them.