Discover With Dad

Very often rhythm of a life of city literally takes away the father from family. He goes out, while everyone still sleeps, and comes home when everyone already sleeps. In the days off he trends to aspire, to retire, to distract, to hide in noise and flashing of TV programs and pages of the Internet, to go with friends on a football match. So day after day there passes a month, flies a year. He has not seen, how the Kid started walking, he has not noticed how learned to speak, he has not wanted to help, he has lost contact and confidence, he has forgotten common language. You look and see that there has grown a foreign person to you. You watch in different sides with him. When you have come to senses, but it’s already late. Time has gone. The house turns to a hostel, and members of family in lodgers. Nothing connects you. There is no respect. There is emptiness. During all life you were running, tried to be up to standard, didn’t lag behind. And what for, where, for what?

Nobody requires anything. Such law is not written. But there is a law of conscience. And in order not to torture you — stop on time. Wisdom of times speaks that the most valuable is a family, dialogue, respect and love.

Who will cry, when we will pass? How will our children recollect us? What shall we answer a question of the Creator about what we have given the children, what we have left them? The Life in fact is rapid.

What in this world is valuably? What do you recall from the childhood, what with does your soul become warmer? The machine presented to you, the bought fashionable jeans, or all the same instants when you started with the father of a kite or ships on a pond, when baked together with him a pie on Mom’s Birthday, dressed up a fur-tree, when went with him fishing, put tent under a rain, set a fire and baked a potato. When or then, did you eat something more tasty than it?! What warms us? Memory of caring hands, strong shoulders of the father and wonderful hours which you have lead together with him in co-authorship and unification.

All that we give to children — whether these are toys, things – it is likely important, but it, how the life shows, is not the main thing. The most valuable thing that we can present – is our time. We should give ourselves to children! And to give ourselves not tired and sad, but strong, assured and smiling. We sometimes pay off with sweets, we muffle with bought knickknacks the unwillingness to give ourselves to the Child. But, eventually, we come to understanding that the quantity of time lead with the son or a daughter is not important, but its quality and fullness of your love, participation, care and attention. It is possible to be the whole month with the Child in vacation, but and not to meet with him really. And it is possible to lead with him only some hours, but what hours!!!

In the Children’s Embassy for daddies who concern to paternity not only from the point of view of the primitive person – he has brought in the house the bag and what else is necessary?! There is a possibility to realize the youthful enthusiasm, creativity, man’s skills of craft, flight of imagination, the talents. To show the son, a daughter, their friends an image of active skilful and kind men — whether it is not a gift?!

We have begun this project once with objective “to return” to children their daddies, and to daddies to see and meet the children, the childhood. It is impossible to tell that it is developed in all force right now. But the main thing is to start to move on the designated way. It is mutually enriching process, all parts only win. Daddies recall how they were boys, filled with enthusiasm and energy, children get new experience, the House is filled with pleasure. Fine!!!

P.S. Dear daddies! Any your idea will be supported by us. Shall we descend together hiking? Shall we plant a birch and oak grove? And it is possible to learn to climb children on a rope, to set fires, to build tents. It is possible to come simply to the House and to read verses or fairy tales to them, to play on a guitar and to sing. Let’s gif yourself to each other!

In the Children’s Embassy there is a DAD’S COUNCIL. It gathers two times a year on Sundays. Join it. Designate the desire to participate in education of children in fact that another’s children do not happen. Today they are children – tomorrow they will be people! Air landing Armies have a wonderful motto “WHO, IF NOT WE!”. It is possible to add “WHEN, IF NOT NOW!”. Children should be brought up, while they are small, then it will be already late. Do not neglect fatal processes and smile. As baron Munchausen spoke: “the silliest things on the ground are made with serious expression on face. Smile, Misters! Smile!”.