Children live in the power of imitation. Whether we like it or not – it’s the law of nature. That adult intonation that surround the baby, demeanor, gestures, words, turns of phrase, taken in the family behaviors directly affect the child and form his culture. Members of the family – are the main standards. Practically very little that can be changed in the manner of conduct of the Child, if already were attached cartridges of behavior. Yet a family – is a family, and the Children’s Embassy – this is the first model of society, which a Kid faces directly. Interacting with other children and adults, he learns the culture of behavior and etiquette, under which he and the people around him always feel comfortable.

All life in the Children’s Embassy is built on mutual respect, joy and gratitude. Right speech turns with beautiful, elegant movements, polite and friendly manner of communication, delicacy of manners, good manners are familiar and natural background of everyday life at the Embassy, so children do not even have to train them specifically. All the child-minders are the images of intelligent, kind, beautiful women, in the field of their influence, all children naturally acquire and consolidate the best qualities of the soul.

P.S. In the near future the Children’s Embassy will open a special course for princesses “A little Lady”. The girls will have a tutor who will teach them the special etiquette and share with them all the secrets of the real princesses. This course will be recruited separately. Classes will be held on Saturdays. The training program will be completed at the end of the year with a real ball.