Opened letters

Idea of creation of an embassy for children

The thought, that we live in a multicultural state and our grown-up children soon will have to guard together and strengthen arm in arm the country, conveys the idea to create CHILDHOOD EMBASSY – a place, where children of different nationalities grow up together in atmosphere of mutual love and respect. It is impossible to make someone respect and estimate culture and traditions of other peoples by force. If only we can find a common task, feel strength in unity and involvement to the purest background of all our cultures, we, as citizens of unified state, will be able to say proudly: WE ARE RUSSIAN, WE ARE FORCE.

Only an ongoing dialog between representatives of different nationalities will enrich the culture of our country. And indeed, our country is not only my culture, my traditions, my language, but the culture of several dozens of other peoples, other wonderful traditions and languages.

Why do many of us feel fear and dislike to each other?

Because, although we are the people of different nationalities and live in the same city, in the same country, cross-fertilization of cultures doesn’t happen. We exist in parallel and alien in many respects worlds. Wealth of social heritage and wisdom of gathered down the centuries by each of the peoples, is not added together, but held in scorn and destroyed.

Isn’t it time for us to give thought to when and where gap of mutual distrust, enmity, lack of understanding occurs, exhausting our force and energy?

Philosopher Ivan Iliin said: “It is important that national spirituality comes into child’s personality since his first years. When it doesn’t happen, it’s hard to hope that such a person at his adult stage could create something really precious for humankind. Moreover, it’s hard to expect that such a person would be comprehensive to creation of innovative genie, to creations of other world’s cultures”. From his first steps a human should realize his national identity. Motherland wakens spirituality in a person. Having been awoken and strengthened he could find the pace to creation of other folk mind.

“… The one, who doesn’t know what spirit is, and can’t love it, he doesn’t have patriotism either. But the one who feels spirituality and loves it, knows his nationwide, panhuman essence. He knows, that the sublime russian is sublime to all peoples; the great greek is great for all centuries; the heroic Serbian deserves admiration of all other nationalities; abstruse and wise things of Chinese and Hindu people are abstruse and wise in the face of all humankind. That is precisely why the true patriot is not able to hate and despise other peoples because he sees their spiritual forces and achievements.”

A human will feel strong and behave dignified, and, among other things, in relation to representatives of other peoples, when he is self-aware clear and constantly a successor to a tradition of his gens. If he knows his history, his roots and understands, that his task is to keep and increase cultural heritage, the responsibility, which was saddled by the time, comes upon him.

Everything is founded in early childhood. Not at school, but we need to share generation experience, when a child just learns to make his first steps upon earth and to utter his first words on mother-tongue. Only a real life among the purest origins of folk wisdom will lead a person to identification himself with his people, his roots, but not separate classes about our great-grandparents living somewhere. This healing spring of folk wisdom about universe placement has never exhausted. We have just left it and went searching for better one. Decades of wandering showed there is no better share, but there is your faith to be born in Russia, and there is your honor to defeat and increase all that your forefathers have gathered and saved for you. Time has come to go back to your roots.

A tree doesn’t grow without its roots. It’s a nature law! Roots keep it tight on earth, give it power to grow, develop and crop, feed it and care. What happens to birch, if it says it doesn’t like growing on meadow, that it’s much better on the neighbor grove, that it doesn’t need its roots and will go to look for “the best” part? It’ll fade and die! Indeed, features of dyeing are not seen at once. Vital forces that feed a tree, are leaving slow, but death is inevitable. No roots – no life! There is no history, culture and traditions – there are no SPIRITual values. When SPIRIT is leaving body, a man dies. When spiritual values lose value – a country dies!

Academic Volkov G.N. wrote “There are no traditions without memory, there is no spirituality without upbringing, there is no personality without spirituality, there is no folk as a historic community without personality”.

Человек не знающий историю, культуру своего народа, не использующий в жизни опыт поколений, не чувствует силу и ответственности за свои мысли, слова и поступки. Если он не испытывает чувства любви и гордости за свой народ, то ему по большому счёту всё равно, что происходит в его стране. Сел на самолёт и перелетел в другую страну, где чище, теплее и слаще жить.

A man that doesn’t know history, culture of his people, that doesn’t use generation experience, doesn’t feel force and responsibility for his thoughts, word and behavior. If he doesn’t feel love and pride for his people, that means it is all the same to him what happens in his country. Take a plane, fly to another country, where it’s cleaner, warmer and better to live.

This person is without roots. And if in the country there grew not several individuals, but millions of such people? What faith is of such country? The answer is simple. And in order this answer not to become a reality, every of us who feels paint, responsibility and huge need to promote prosperity of their country, these ones must do their best to feed, strengthen our common roots.

Inclusion to folk culture – is a process, but not separated events. We, the grown-ups must level up the patrimonial memory and live honestly in assonance to nature rhythms. One cant cheat a child. Children feel where is truth and where is lie. They feel whether we play or live in this way, because little kids cognate life laws not with their mind, but with their hands and hearts and not during separate classes, but every minute.

Our task, as parents, pedagogues, tutors is to organize and adjust or life in accordance to century wisdom traditions, and only then featly and purposefully enter entrusted to us children in our practical and spiritual life.

Everything already exists in the richest golden heritage foundation, which was left us. Just take , adjust, live and gladden! And what did they leave, what did they will to keep, increase and pass our children? The first thing is WISDOM! FOLKLORE! Folk in English means people and lore – knowledge, wisdom. What has been kept from this wisdom treasure of our folk as far as out times? Very much things, but only unfortunately they are not in consciousness and everyday experience of people, but they are at library shelves, in concert programs of artistic collectives. The most powerful lay of traditional culture is washed off from everyday life. Along with this not only culture of rest, but first of all culture of relationship between people and attitude towards labor. Within the word “folk traditions” there appeared in memory several names of folk crafts and pieces of drinking songs. And a folklore is not a museum exponent, which one can look peacefully at, but it is a keeper of national consciousness.

Knowledge, gasping all sides of life was gathered by ages, passed carefully. Not for fun, but for help to everyone and everyday there was gathered and generalized the experience of human relationship, wise treating of earth, living a year in agreement with nature, its rhythms, laws, methods of healing.

This priceless experience provided the basis for a folk tradition of children upbringing. Ushinskii K.D. wrote: “A folk has its own peculiar system of upbringing… Only folk upbringing is a vivid organ in historical process of folk development!”.

Folk pedagogy is a vivid experience of upbringing. There is such notion as “nurse poetry”, “maternal poetry”, which is wonderfully thin and elastic instrument of folk pedagogy. Its basis was provided by knowledge of peculiarities of children’s age, which had been gathered in folk culture by centuries and was fixed in various methods of upbringing of children at different stages. Using of a little part of this heritage gives fantastic uplifting results, under the conditions of non-isolation of material from real life, but living inside of it. Entertaining yourself with idea that separate lessons or holding of single holidays will give any result is just naïve.

The soul of the people lives in its own language. Melodious word, chanted, decorated with affectionate intonation, accompanies every day and hour a child’s life. It sounds at the time of going to sleep and waking up, during meals, games, crafts, seasonal work or daily tasks around the house, it consoles, soothes, brings feelings, awakens thought, carrying the enormous uplifting force. A child as he needs air, he needs a touch of native hands, sound of native and a warm voice. Child should be groomed, pampered and cherished. He should be sung the words of native language, be imposed, be amused, be entertained. In our Russian tradition we have “pestushkas” with “nursery rhymes”, and jokes, and sentences with singing and fun.

And how amazingly social by their nature are reels, folk games and dances! There are played at the deepest level different situations of human interaction. The problem of the modern world – is disUNITY, which is solved magnificently by simple and affordable means. Song and dance are themselves mediators between adults and children, help facilitate COMMUNICATION. A healthy rhythm “captures”, harmony, regularity and beauty of tunes entices away by itself. For “folk” sound it’s characterized the use of the front cavity, the sound is directed not upwards, as if veiled academic manner of execution, but forward to whom it’s prepared for. Thus, even at the elementary sound extraction we include child in the process of “living” a sound. We find ourselves to be important to him, and he is – for us, because he is located in the vibration field of our speech or singing, perceives these vibrations, and willy-nilly, resonates with them.

If according to voice as to signals of an individual, we are able to “read” immediately the character and mood of the person, then, recognizing their real relationship, it is easy to assume the inverse relationship. The voice is a function of a person, and a person may be dependent on the voice. Thus, the use of folklore does not only present the content of the interaction of an adult with a child, but mysteriously has a direct influence on the formation of personality.

The very folklore, with all the song variety, playing musical instruments, dancing, performances, colors and ornaments of costumes, utensils, art of relationships, rituals and ceremonies, holidays and everyday work, inscribed in natural rhythm – is holistic way of a positive impact, the use of which “heals” the entire body, both children and adults. This is an ideal natural platform for the development of all the senses, memory, attention, will and skills. And folklore is based not on mind, but on the heart perception, positive emotions, which in their turn are the gateway through which you can enter and start communicating with our children, “meet” with them, help them to know themselves, try to combine them harmoniously with the outside world. At its core, folklore – is a unique example of a holistic worldview and attitude that is consonant with the holistic nature of a child. We inherited from our ancestors a natural educational system, as opposed to artificial, which provides a healthy and effective interaction with a child, consonant with the natural rhythms. When there is trust, then we can talk to children on important topics, and we will certainly be heard. The effect of our pedagogical influence is magnified.

When you open up towards the folk tradition, the house lets in joy, love, beauty, respect and trust – is what NOURISHES a child, ie EDUCATES. No wonder the proverb entrenched true that “a child grows not with food, but with joy”.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote: “The only true luxury – is the luxury of human communication”. For the full existence in the world each person requires physical, mental and spiritual food. When we feed the baby, he gets physical warm when gently pat and say tender words of approval, then it poured warmth into him. But when we are able to “meet” with your child and build a valuable communication – this is true spiritual food, its value is priceless!

A lot of secrets are hidden in the memory of generations. Today, we often do not understand why this or that song, or a combination of sounds or a part of a text were passed from mouth to mouth unchanged. Doesn’t nature change? Don’t a person or his living conditions change? Of course, they are! New music comes, rhythms dominate, but suddenly there discovers that the only motive since great-grandmas and some simple words sink down into child’s soul much stronger than all the others. Surprisingly, but all these artless songs and games find warm response in any child and have a healing effect on him. Perhaps, they are filled with important information hidden for the time being, perhaps, the time of disclosure of secrets has not come yet. But even if you do not know these secrets, but using of this treasure trove of folk wisdom means to nourish child’s own forces and to embark on the path of transformation, in trust to open your heart to a meeting of tradition.

Based on centuries-old traditions the folk pedagogy is aimed primarily at raising of MAN, and that is why it is definitely priceless. It is a holistic, unified educational system, for which its complexity of effects on a child, its enigma of multi-layer and high performance results have no equivalents in modern pedagogical innovations. But have been creating our program and translating it into practice in the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY, we took into account not only the traditions of folk pedagogy and the foundations on which education and upbringing of children in families was built, as well as the invaluable experience of outstanding teachers of Russia of 19-20 centuries – Gugel, Ushinskii, Simonovic, Vodorezova, Sventitskaya. We have used also and new achievements in pedagogy, ideas and experience of many our contemporaries, sincerely loving children.

For the life of the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY it is typical outflow of rigid regimentation of child’s life, the use of a special rhythm of the day, week and year, the use of various forms of education and educational organization with the active support of healthy independent choice of children of activities and their methods. Our main problem we see in instilling in children a love of order and instilling in them the spiritual values which they, when become grown-ups, will be able to pass on to their children. The program’s foundation is active use in all kinds of activities of rich folklore material in the form of songs, finger, sign and outdoor games, fairy tales, poems, nursery rhymes, proverbs and riddles that animate all classes, it gives them mobility, so necessary for young children, it stains the lives of children with healthy emotions, and enriches their knowledge of nature and its signs, accumulated over the centuries. Recently, much attention has been paid to the integrative approach in teaching, when we artificially combine into a single art-therapeutic environment dance, music, visual arts, theater, while in Russian folk songs this integration is presented initially as an inner quality. We believe it is important that children from the very tender age absorb the culture and wisdom of the people to form themselves in pure origins and gaining experience of respect attitude to their country and its culture, they should grow as citizens and patriots of their Motherland. Nice house can only be built on a strong foundation. Grow a good man, you can only by laying in him right framework and the concept of family, home, homeland.

Inna Ishkarina


“A long journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Lao-Tzu.

“Let your goal will be more than your possibilities, then your business today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today.” Amin ar-Rihani

Our personal story of creation began from the moment of our birth. But this, of course, a personal history, it will be interesting only to entourage. But there are moments, memories in our life, which may be interesting to all those, who dream of birth of his own business on the Earth. We walked this path from idea to gestation, bearing, birth and becoming. Our experience is priceless for us, for others it may be useful, therefore, we wanted to share our story of the creation of the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY.
But we shall start with interesting and important words pronounced in Moscow, on the 30th of November 2010, at 13:00, in Kremlin, in the Message of President to the Federal Assembly, which we once heard by chance on TV:
“Dear deputies of the State Duma, Federation Council members! Modernization creates smart economy, but the modernization requires and smart policies to ensure conditions for the comprehensive renovation of society life. We need new standards in activities of government bodies and provision of public services, high quality of work of judicial and law enforcement system, modern forms of citizen participation in development of their towns and villages, their greater impact on the activities of the municipal authorities.
For all this I propose to make the following steps. The first. We must ensure transparency, clarity and simplicity in everyday relations between state and citizen – I emphasize, everyday. Understanding that officials serve people, but do not shape its future – the basis of the democratic system. For a citizen, a state – is an official to whom he has come to reception; a judge who made the decision in his case; a policeman or a tax inspector – and any one invested with authority to solve his problem. The activities of all officials should not discredit the state. Their main task – is an improving people’s living conditions. You must enter legal responsibility of officials for violations in provision of public services, as well as for non-compliance procedures under the relevant administrative regulations.
Our childhood policy is based on accepted international standards. Declaration of Children’s Rights, approved by the Assembly of the United Nations, declared “mankind must give the best things that it has”. A Convention on the Rights of a Child set priority of children’s interests over interests of society and state. I believe that we need effective public childhood policy. Modern Policy, a policy that meets interests of national development. And that is why in this message, I give this topic the most important attention, and focus on the fact which, in my opinion, requires new solutions and approaches.
I commission to do the following. The first, in all regions there must be implemented the program of reconstruction of old kindergartens and construction of new ones, meeting modern requirements, or provide for them special buildings. At the same time, the mentioned requirements must be reasonable and feasible. I’ve already talked about it, they should not be excessive.
The second, there must be supported divergent forms of pre-school education, including a system of non-public childcare facilities and family child care, and there also must be considered reducing of rental rates and established incentives for property tax for new kindergartens, including family child care, and day care centers for children.
I’m waiting for concrete results from all departments, working in all these areas.
Dear friends! Together we will implement those plans that I have told about today. I have no doubt at all that we can handle, I believe in your support. Now I add a few words, which usually are written in official documents, but these words are perhaps the most important. We are updating the country, updating the society, we are changing our lives, changing ourselves. And essentially everything we do, we do for those, whom we love most of all – for our children, because we want them to live better than we do, so that they are better than we are, so they are able to do what, maybe we do not have time to do. There will appear the successful future of our great Russia from their success.
I’m sure, it’ll be so!”

“Everything that exists in the world, was once a dream …” – Carl Sandburg wrote.
A Walt Disney said that if you can dream, you can and realize your dreams in life.
For many years, we dreamed of opening of the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY. After hearing the message of the President, we gathered courage and began to act, feeling fair wind in our sails. His words inspired confidence in the fact that we have chosen the right direction and have not made a mistake with the time and place.

We belong to the category of those people who in this wonderful WORLD are doing everything with our own hands, relying on our knowledge and listening to our heart. We are of those people who respect in this WORLD those who know how to do something with their hands, and use their knowledge for benefit of others, whose heart is singing, and life is creativity.

We started searching for a place where we could invite children and once accidentally we went into the room, which has being left by the organization of the national sense. After listening to our idea on creation of the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY, they said that such a bright idea as ours, will only strengthen the existing government, and their task is to work to undermine its foundations and if we care of Russia, we have to give up our dreams, because it’s not the high time for it, the ruling power is not able to accept, evaluate and help to implement it.
We were surprised by the mood of the people, who position themselves as saviors of the Motherland. But by virtue of their world view they did not agree with the idea that it is necessary to build up destroying. We were convinced that, above all on the basis of a healthy beautiful human relationship there can come up and grow stronger seeds of light dream, rather than on the basis of quality or not model of governance. Not an official from the office, endowed with power, but personal involvement of ordinary people living in the neighborhood, can give fruits. We were not wrong in people, and saw the fruits of our labor. But not right away!!!
We thought that if our ideas and knowledge will help our state, at least a little – a little to become stronger in life-area in which we have a lot of experience, so it is natural that our way to the realization of the dream should lie directly to the representatives of state apparatus, because they have all the resources and powers. We gladly and enthusiastically embarked on this path of meeting the world of people who have chosen the profession of officer, and boldly went on it. You can’t call this way stupid. There is a sense in all this. We have gained knowledge. We have become stronger. We have found the faith and support in ourselves! Over the time we have perceived with humor our campaigns in the offices. But it is only after a while, but then we were not laughing. Even if only we list in which structures we met “wonderful people” – it will be fun. In the department of pre-school education, we were told that there were no programs and legal framework for private initiatives. Only mothers of many children can open a family day care on the basis of their apartments. Time passed and we again asked the Department to consider our idea of creating the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY, and we were advised to meet with director of a public school or kindergarten. Meeting with representatives of each of the state apparatus has produced no results. We were refused, citing the fact that WE WERE THEIR CONCURENTS?! We went to the head of the few children’s libraries, even wrote to the Director of the Moscow House of books about revival of beautiful building standing idle for ten years. We met with the deputies of the State Duma, supervising children’s programs, deputies and assistant of deputies of the Moscow Duma, with a number of deputies of the municipality, with the leadership of the municipality, with replacing each other heads of the council, we met with representatives of the City and County Social Policy Department, Youth Department and family policy, the Department of support of small and medium-sized businesses. We wrote about the idea to our vicar, asking to consider the opportunity to give one of few buildings used by parish to children. We said that we would organize everything by ourselves and would work there for free. We met with the head of the famous tremendous medical center, offering him to open the CHILDHOOD EMBASSY in his center. It’s so wonderful when children with disabilities and healthy children grow up together. Moreover, we have worked as volunteers for several years in remarkable therapeutic and educational centers, and had a good experience and education, allowing us to organize everything magically. We also met with the head of the Center of children’s creativity, all premises of which were rented at the time by casting agency and ballet variety. We wrote and met with the leaders of the town civilian astronauts. But to our appeal to them to open CHILDHOOD EMBASSY in free territory of the town, they clearly gave us to understand that they would like to protect their lives and the lives of their children from the presence of foreign children and grandmothers from street. Although, in truth, there were among the astronauts and those who gladly accepted our idea. The desire of some astronauts to be detached from the ground can be understood, but when we asked the head of one of the divisions of police then, and now the Department of private security, which is located in a wonderful building of the former kindergarten, to consider possibility to allocate to our initiative of utility room, which belonged to children once upon a time, he said that they would have no place to store waste inventory, we thought hard, whether we chose the proper way to realize our dreams. To tell, explain, ask, persuade, argue ……… tell, explain, ask ……

I must say that all these trips we made in our spare time. And for attending office of an official in order to talk to him, you had to go through the whole procedure of preliminary operations. To phone, get in list, wait, talk, leave a written statement, an application or a letter, wait for an answer and call up again, get in list, wait….
Frankly speaking, after meeting with representatives of the state apparatus, there has appeared such longing and frustration that it took a lot of time to restore forces, to search for a new point of support, because at first we were virtually sure that it would be enough to come and talk about our idea of creating the world’s first CHLDHOOD EMBASSY, where children would be brought up in the tradition, brought up in labor, surrounded by masters and we would be heard and helped. Especially because we had a concrete plan for the project. Nothing like this. We were persistently explained that everything we’re talking about – it’s just emotions. One person out of the office in a personal informal conversation explained that all our attempts to be heard are in vain, because people who have chosen a profession of an official can’t by their very nature to feel and understand our aspirations, aspirations of people who are building a business of their lives, relying solely on their knowledge ,their strength and experience. They initially chose a different path. They do not create with their own hands the prosperity, but just and take it from. Chatting with them is a talk about nothing. At the same time they pose a lot of things, their iron arguments. They quickly link to hundreds of papers, covers by decrees and laws. Most of them learned a cute smile, quickly putting on their outer smile. But simple human participation and their own citizenship is no longer have place in their lives. They’re looking through you, you’re not interested, you distract them from the “important state affairs” with your nonsense. It’s amazing how being in the captivity of their illusions about the fact that what they are doing is a government, but what you are doing – is empty, they completely forgot, but from time to time it seems, they even never knew what are in their place only to serve the interests of the state and the people inhabiting it. They are service class people, they have office phone numbers, office cars, office apartments and perhaps even official summer residence. They move up the career ladder, moving from one office to another, go on mission trips to solve the office affairs. But I wanted to ask, whom do they serve? Do they serve the Motherland, or minister to their chief? You, are a Person above all, and already then the doctor, teacher, official, or builder. And there are beautiful human relationships the first place, above all, and only then the instructions, decrees, orders, instructions. Love, Conscience, Honor, Virtue, Faithfulness to the Word – that is a coordinate system for each Person. If you were reeled or blown off the course of service to the world, just stop running your life, look around. Whether people, whom you touched by word or deed, gladden or cry. We were not upset with the reluctance to take an interest in our idea, it is not, we did not require it, because our strength and the Spirit were so great, that everything we would be told wasn’t so important in principle. We would still have carried out our plan. We realized that the people with whom we met, not even met, but only talked, because a remarkable word MEETING does not fit here, so heartlessly would react on more vital requests from other ordinary people, when there would be discussed the question of existence of issue life. What does nomenclature work make to a man, whom does it turn him?

Every time leaving the office of the next representative of the state apparatus, we thought about why this man, once was sent to earth to protect it and take care of other people, why this man, who in this life in my beloved country has not done anything with his hands, heart and mind anything that clearly and positively could contribute him from hundreds of others, he decides what we can do and what we can not. We do not know who is he, what makes him tick? What wonderful thing has he presented to the world? Yes, we see that he is sitting in his magic chair. We see that it’s a great seat. But we do not know how did he get there? Did he occupy it by himself or maybe he was put in there? And in general, why did he choose this way for himself? Did he dream about it in his youth? Does he have the talent to this cause? SERVE PEOPLE! SERVE THE MOTHERLAND! SERVE THE WORLD!

We are confident that there is no place in the chair is not giving anyone any right to decide the fate of people. The task of any representative of the authorities – is to HELP, CARE, SERVE, and with all his strength REINFORCE BELIEF in fairness and justice. Without FAITH there is no trust. But the local authorities, the level of trust to which is so low due to its feigned smiling callousness, how does it affect people’s attitude in principle to the State administrative apparatus? Officials at all levels throughout their lives, their personal example should inspire all citizens, rather than ……… …
Displeasure, resentment, and sometimes even anger and fear for the country where the control levers are in the hands of ……………………. random people overwhelmed us. It is clear that in such a state we could not create anything good. Messing with a big deal, being in dislike is impossible. We thought that maybe we just caught wrong people. And most of all in those offices, to which we have not reached, there work completely different, sensitive, smart, and talented people, but we did not have to look for them, and came down from the search path of support from the authorities.
We could not change the situation, and we just changed our attitude towards it. Restoring our mental strength, we met with the Dean of Raif male monastery that near Kazan. He listened to our story and said, “Stop wasting time and energy on empty talk. Begin to act by your own, from the place where you live and from what you have. Your deal is good. Keep yourself clean and with God.” He blessed us and we have embarked on a path.
We always dreamed about making childhood of children proceed surrounded by parks and gardens, to have had the opportunity to observe the daily life of living nature. We found a wonderful park pavilion, have agreed on all terms with the management and began repair. It took us tree twenty-tons machines for debris removal, before starting to rebuild it. To say that we were flying on the wings – it does not say anything. The pavilion was built from the panoramic windows and overlooks the pond. In the morning you could enjoy a beautiful sunrise and in the evening heart aches at the miracle sunset. The sun literally bathed in the pond, and the whole pavilion was poured into its beams. Ducks with young ducklings swam right under the windows, they can be hand-feed. In the evening, the magic sound of the singing bells of the temple located at the vicinity transformed the entire space into a fairy tale. We already drew the plans, how it would be interesting to organize space children, but came once, we saw a completely shattered pavilion. All the windows were broken, broken doors, destroyed all the life-support system: heating, water supply. It turned out that the son of one of the deputies of the Moscow City Council had some views at it. We found his phone. We explained our purpose. He strongly recommended us to give up the idea. On a personal reception with his father, we learned that his son – is a very respectable businessman and he is unrelated to the room??? !!!
Pavilion recovery was impossible. It is in ruins until now. The son of a deputy now occupies an important position in the structures of the city authorities. We often see his picture in the local newspaper. He said the right words.
We were pregnant with the idea of creating the Children’s Embassy for several years. We carefully nurtured it and were preparing for the birth. At the time of birth there were Hope, Love and sincere faith in the people and the divine powers on the ground Children’s Embassy. We lived a dream of light, which stores and protects our heart, had a clear goal and a hot relentless desire to act. The desire was of the same creative power as of the composer who can not compose music because it constantly sounds in his head, like a painter who can not draw a picture, because it had just stand in front of his eyes, like a poet, who can not write poetry, because it had lived on his lips. The process of creating the Embassy for children was fully creative for us in space. And the question of money didn’t stand at all.
Yes, our experience of communication with the representatives of the world of officials was not successful, but our faith in the people, in their best human qualities, in their desire to participate in the creation of beauty has never waned. Our belief in our bordering of our Affairs by Higher Powers only grew stronger with each passing day. We sincerely believed, and believe that no matter what profession you choose in life, it is important whether your knowledge serves the people and the world or serves your own interests. It does not matter at what position you were put by the fate, it’s only important which trail you leave in the hearts of people, if there becomes lighter and more joyful at heart when they see you. No matter what brand of machine you ride, and what brand of clothes you wear, the last shirt is still without pockets. It is important who would remember you with good word. Life is fleeting. Each person always has a choice to help or ignore. To condemn or support. We sow seeds each minute through our attitude toward ourselves and to another person. We will be harvested later. There are people who wonder and grumbling about their life, but this is the crop. What kind of seeds have they sown, what seeds did their parents and ancestors sow? What is their race rich in? How did they serve the people? What bright trail have they left in the world? Do not ever forget that the well-being – is not only money! If I bestow blessing, then I will get the blessing. When I tell people NO, NO to the world, then maybe not me, but my children necessarily will have to pay with their well-being for my stance today. Mother Teresa, which was canonized by the Church to the ranks of the blessed, left to all of us the farewell: “From a material point of view, you have everything in this world, but your heart is saddened; do not be concerned about what you do not have, just go and serve the people; keep them in your hands and express love; if you follow this advice, you will shine like a beacon.” We tried to follow her advice, and each time returned home tired but happy. After all, we had a dream. We were shining, and the world was shining back at us. Because the world – is a mirror. If you smile, the world smiles at you in response. After all, it’s true !!!

We have planted the seeds of our dreams on our native Russian land, which we love immensely, and right next to the place where we all lived and raised our children. The most fruitful time of year on the bright holiday of the Trinity with God’s help, we opened the door of the first house for children. However, it was not yet even a house, but the roof of the house only. More accurate to say only three small rooms on the roof, which we have tried to build with love and affection. Toys we sewed and knitted by ourselves. Cleaned out, washed, painted walls, painted children’s furniture, gathered in the park cones, acorns and chestnuts, rolled cut off from fallen tree little logs. We made tables and benches by ourselves, matted wool rugs and invited children. And the children came and left, feeling in this space their nature-friendly energy of love, growth, joy and creativity. There began to come their friends and friends of friends. We all sang a beautiful song, jumped on stubs and pillows with fragrant hay, showing performances enthusiastically considered the gifts of nature, met on the nature of the dawn, listening to birds singing, to the sound of rain, to walk whenever possible hikes in the park, playing musical instruments, when children were making interesting things, we at once gave them into space to play and, of course, as in any hospitable house we were drinking tea with delicious treats, which every time occurs in a magic basket near the fabulous goal in our first small children’s Embassy. Once one of the grandmothers brought a wonderful children’s books from her home libraries and so we marked the beginning of an amazing tradition. Anyone could now take your favorite book, just write your phone and returned, leave your comments in the book of wishes. Mom began to bring new books and soon Ambassadorial library already has hundreds of books on various topics. And all these books are actively read and discussed. Children exchanged tales that they liked, becoming true admirers of good literature. Someone brought in embassy a collection of minerals, and we fell in love forever with the children to the wonderful world of stones. Even in an ordinary roadside boulder, we have learned to see the beauty.
It turned out that in our environment there are a lot of wonderful people for whom life – is creativity, and that, as we fully agree with Bernard Shaw, who wrote that the only way to knowledge – an activity.

There began to come to children on the roof woodcarvers, bark, sculptors, potters, dancers, painters, writers, poets, master puppeteers, actors, soap-boiler, chess, joiners and carpenters, singers, composers, musicians, weavers, cooks with joy in their free time with their children and even scientists who conducted a fascinating experience. At first they were surprised that we do not ask them to teach children, and please just deal with a passion for their skill with the children, as if it were their usual workplace. Gradually, a small children’s Embassy has become a common large creative workshop for children and adults, in which the adults are happy to create, and the children absorb their skills, relying on their natural powers of imitation, trying to do something for themselves, or just tinkering delightful play. The atmosphere is so impregnated with the healing energy of creation that does not feel that it was not possible. Pure perception of children and their inexhaustible energy and the joy of the miracle of creation to adults of any seemingly simple things inspired all incoming visitors and they became great friends of the Embassy. There were days when little space accommodates for just dozen of people, but at the same time no one felt no inheritance, but instead they experienced the joy of this union, which called them to come again and again.
On the roof of the house one could come at any time to simply wait out the bad weather caught with a child in the park, keep warm, drink hot tea with honey, which is always welcoming lived on a wooden shelf next to the den of teddy bear, to change the baby’s dirty clothes, take part in workshops passing on the occasion or show a master class for friends who have come to share their experience in sewing toys, felting wool clothes, decorating wooden boxes or manufacturing cherished things, watch a puppet show or a home in a dry swimming pool with chestnuts. We tried to make all the materials were always ready. Often children lapped the park and got sleep at the roof on the cushions of hay under the singing of birds coming from the open skylight, and mothers finally had the opportunity to unwind and relax in the fresh air.
Children could wake up at the sounds of flute and harp, and many other musical instruments because we often welcome musicians who always meet in the house grateful listeners. Sometimes, we simply chose a beautiful meadow in the park and we come to listen, together with the children to good music and then singing a live orchestra together come back to the roof to drink tea with warm bread. We milled flour with the children on a hand mill, and we bread baked in our bread machine, adding a variety of spices, seeds, which are always in abundance were stored on shelves. We realized that our life in the house is not like any club or the studio or the school or the garden. It was really something new. It was born Children’s Embassy, the living space of creativity of children and adults, the world of children’s dreams. Virtually every adult who gets into the space said that he would dreamed as a child to grow in a place like this, he feels amazing peace and experience the joy just for the fact that he was able to see with their own eyes his embodied childhood dream. So quietly the soul become, there are joy and light in the heart. Thus we did not do anything special. We just showed our individuality, our worldview of how space is organized, what items it is filled with, how to construct the flow of life within it. But it turned out that so many people feel the same way, just see it. We all feel good in the house. It’s interesting, that the place with its charm attracted different people, different professions and characters. Moms, dads, grandparents, children of all ages came to the house, got acquainted with each other, they began to talk and make friends. Our friends started to bring from their travels wooden toys, the musicians gave interesting musical instruments. Once we were left at the front door a basket with wicker mats and pottery. Inside the basket was a note with such sweet words, with such warm wishes that they could warm up any cold in the most cruel, the most difficult period in adversity. It was very nice. Such a beautiful gesture on the part of people gave us strength. You need a lot of strength in any endeavor. It was a miracle, how the House assembled its space. It was brought lovely gifts, as to the most beloved friend, presenting at the same time priceless gifts – the warmth of their hearts and sincere care.
Once the house was brought knitted valances and embroidered towels, stored in a closet ever since the grandparents and soon the whole chest filled with joy with man-made beauty that all friends of the house saw revived in space once on the land covered with white snow. Children coming inside, stopped in amazement at what they saw, a real miracle. All surfaces in the room were covered with white knitted and embroidered works of art, lovingly-created by female hands. In an instant there was a connection of times. We were invisible tenderly watched by dozens of female eyes. Heat of bygone female hearts and hands literally enveloped us all. It couldn’t be described with words. At that moment, we have experienced a state when strength of your generation penetrating into you. Proud for the great ability of a Man to create beauty overwhelmed our hearts. How wonderful it is that decades ago was created by our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, our mothers, came to life again and again granted the joy and warmth. Understanding how much love and tenderness invested every woman in that hour, when she returned from work, completing work around the house, and putting to sleep households, sat embroidering a tablecloth to a holiday or knit valance on the bed, you become breathless. All her thoughts were about how to make her nest cozy and beautiful, how to please her loved and native people. All our thoughts were also about how to make the Children’s Embassy the real home of joy, comfort and love. Towels, decorating the House now, all this time were kept and now transferred to us the message of true, beautiful relationship in the family, about the true purpose of Woman – Mother.
The children, seeing that we care about House, very quickly, also began to show signs of their warm attitude towards it. Almost every day, they brought in their canvas bags variety of natural gifts, which eventually amounted to a collection of natural materials. Gradually, day by day, all transformed and became beautiful now. Children are always happy to run to the House. Already in those first months of life at Children’s Embassy small rooms on the roof became known as houses, probably because everyone felt them as comfortable, calm and well like at home. Everything was fine, but suddenly, virtually overnight from heaven, that is, from the roof we had to come down to earth. All that we have settled in well, we were asked to remove quickly. We had two days to release the roof and we had to re-equip and settle in another space. We enthusiastically set to work. We were helped by wonderful people, and soon the new House of Children’s Embassy opened its doors, and life flowed again as usual. Although the need to mention that it was not yet a house, but only two, and then four great rooms, but already with its own entrance. We insulate the walls, covered them with fabrics, closed with silk handkerchiefs office ceiling lights, decorated with beautiful stained glass windows, matted new woolen friends for our knitted toys and a small forest house, so came to be called the children new space of Children’s Embassy, immediately became the same loved, as well as former House roof. Before the House we could put together with children a cute garden, spreading in the garden beautiful flowers. We agreed with the dwarfs, and they brought us in pouches on their little carts sand and fertile land. Little elves shared seeds and tubers, flowers and fish delivered us watering pots with water from the park pond. How children enjoy the first shoots of pumpkins, how they cared after, how they loose soil thoroughly, gently poured like rain, thanked the family of worms for their assistance spines, and butterflies and bees, because they help the flowers turn into fragrant sweet pumpkins! It is surprising that these first lessons on land care children can live right in town. After all, not everyone has vacation homes. Having gone through this experience and seeing how much fun brings the children communication with the earth, the nature, we more and more began to conduct live meetings with the plant world, travelling in the apple orchard, at the edge of the forest, in the birch grove, meadow, then a visit to the oak. To arrange a travel with the children for long distances, we have prepared for all children and adults the same bright vests with reflectors, tied cheerful train, a rope with carriages, eyelets with ringing bells sewn to it, found a pipe-whistle sound the world’s first steam locomotive and began explore space. We were looking for a clearing with primroses and the first blooming willow, went to see how blooming sakura in Japanese garden, and where spring snow runs away, gathered for magical oil fallen petals of roses in the Rosarium, stacked in the fridge a Snowman to sleep, to show him the summer, compiled a herbarium for Dwarfs from plants which live near us, dried brought from the country herbs, greens and apples, recorded on a tape voices of birds and sounds of the forest. We have pre-painted treasure map for children, and went to look for the compass hidden by bunnies, squirrels and hedgehogs goodies for the kids. It could be a basket with apples, bags of hazelnuts and chests with seeds. Gradually the children began to notice the drops of dew on blades of grass, to notice a difference in the leaves of the trees, they were more likely to look at the sky and attentively to their feet, admiring the beauty of flowers, learn to enjoy the first ladybug, waking up after the winter, surprising art of a spider spinning a web and die down, listening to the singing of birds. They were nimble and hardy in the body, sensitive, responsive and subtle in the shower, their thinking has become more creative and agile, and level of perception of the world has increased many times over. We started with the children to saw, plane, drill and hammer nails and have made by their own hands, feeders and nesting boxes which appear next to the House. Due to the abundance of food that never came to an end in bird feeders all the park almost began to live next to us. We did not need to consider any book illustrations. Life literally seethed beneath our feet. Bugs, worms, snails, birds, squirrels pets are the first pets after which they cared for to the best of their ability. Once the children released a turtle that lived in the house for a walk and did not spotted, and it crawled to discover the park by itself. The children called it long time, persuaded to return, looked for it under the bushes and blades of grass, but all in vain. After nearly a month they had found it, lightly wounding. How carefully they now care after it and treated it. Spreading a terry diaper on the table, they doused it wounds with peroxide, blowing, in order it felt no hurt, sprinkled the medicine. It was the first lesson of responsibility for those who are close to you, for those you tame. We began to go every week to visit the horses, looked after them, brushed them and cleaned, fed with carrot. We made for children from wool a whole family chipmunks, raccoons, badgers, squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs and many other animals, placed them in a small house in a specially carved wooden burrows. Featuring in the improvised performances of stories from the life of the home and forest animals we gradually captivated children the world of wildlife, switching their attention from the inanimate image Luntik, Smeshariki, Spider-Man, Monster, Ninja Turtles, Shrek, Transformers and robots that many of them were literally captured. Very soon, they could easily make fun not on the playing field, completely cluttered with attractions, but on a simple forest glade. Using stone games, twigs, grass clippings and fallen leaves of trees, ravines, hills, hemp, they awaken the imagination, each time tirelessly done with surprising enthusiasm and more new games, they gave birth to worlds. Seeing this, we virtually removed from the space of the house finished toys, replacing them on the boards of different lengths, saw cut different kinds of trees, logs, cuts of natural fabrics, baskets with not-spinning wool and a variety of natural materials, such as chestnuts, pine cones, minerals and shells. We saw how amazingly quickly the idea of creating with their own hands unites children, from tables and chairs of the ship as cut down a tree easy to become both the plates and the controls, the board becomes a ladder and liferaft, blue cloth transformed into the ocean, the rocks in the reefs, the speed with which the holds of the ship were filled with everything that enters the field of view of the child and there was a place on the ship for every kid. The game born from the essence of the child, become a source of healing for all his life. Children learned how to occupy themselves while respecting the work, with which an adult is busy. After all, because children were so passionate about the creation of the game, they were in the field of adult creations. And adult skills flourished day by day. Most mothers, realizing how healthful for children staying at the Embassy quietly released the kids and do their urgent business, and mothers, for whom life with children – is a vocation were there to keep childhood of children at the House, bringing into its life the knowledge and experience, their personality.
The house was open to everyone. It, of course, belongs to all the children, but it belongs to all those adults in whom the child was smiling and was alive the memory of the joyful time of his happy childhood. These adults, going once in the house, did not want to be just guests, they want to remain in it to live. All these people are united by the experience of being with children as blessings and the great gift of heaven. Gathering together, we constantly talked about the children, how they delight and surprise, how much positive energy they give to the world. How they are pure and innocent, they help us to become cleaner, kinder and happier as they illuminate our space with their presence, filling it with life-giving, laughing, playing, perpetual and unquenchable desire to participate in everything and act, act, act. We were grateful to God for the opportunity to clean communion to life of amazing creatures on earth – Children. Every time we talked about how it was necessary to please God in a past life that he has given you the opportunity to meet the children in this life. We shared our experiences and thoughts about childhood, the childhood of our children and children of children around the world. Every day we understand that we met by chance. We are all very different, but we look in one direction. We are equally fascinated by the life of children and the joy of creativity. Once again, traveling with children in our unusual small train, we saw unusually nice house and immediately fell in love with it all. It was old, but so cozy. A house with history! Is not it a fairy tale? We looked in the window. It was evident that there has lived no one for a long time, but it was not discouraged and believed that one day it will open the door again and joyous laughter illuminate it from within. We started from time to time to come to it on our rope small train, to talk to it, to walk beside it in the clearing. Near the entrance grew stunning lilac bushes, gorgeous larch, very rare in our local English oak and two powerful poplars of such a height that you raised your head up to see the top of its head with difficulty. Surprisingly, such an unusual and poplar growing near our forest house, it also stroked the sky with its branches, telling it every day at sunset the tale of the earth. It was clearly their brother. Each time passing by, or specially came to it, we brought food for birds and nuts for squirrels. The house became our friend. We wrote a letter to the director of the exhibition, explaining the idea of opening our house of Children’s Embassy. Time went on, but we got no answer, because the reorganization started in the leadership structure. After some time, we sent a letter to the new director, and the response was positive. Our joy had no limit. According to the documents, which we found in the archive, we learned the history of this house, and our desire to restore it even more strengthened.
Indeed, for many years in this house no one worked. Six years since there was no water, sewage, and it was unknown where the underground breakthroughs were. When we went inside, it turned out the water from the basement and got flooded out the first floor. Drainage system didn’t not work, there was no electrics and heating. But we were scared of nothing. We set to work with such love and faith in the fact that the House had to live, that all these obstacles only gave us strength. We were helped with heating, everything else we have done by ourselves. The house was completely restored. In this way, we made mistakes, but they became our experience. Each small victory over the obstacle inspired us. We found a broken pipe in the ground – a holiday! We drained the cellar and had a system to combat groundwater – a holiday! We returned to the House heat – a holiday! Holiday – the lights were back in the house! There was hot water, which had previously not been in the house – a holiday! Mounted fire system and installed panic buttons – a holiday! After these victories the rest was easy for us. We are completely removed from the house and the old clothes inside and out put it in everything new. Renovated old windows, the doors, lay floors, painted walls, all made of natural wood furniture made in drawings by hand. House came alive to the sounds of a magic flute and the gentle melodies of songs. Floral scent of aromatic lamps carried away all the old memories of the house and filled it with the sweet smell of joy. We knitted with love, felted, carved wooden toys, braided willow baskets, rolled hemp, gathered with children in the area stones, pine cones, acorns, chestnuts for games ordered from Pskov pottery, dried hay for outdoor cushions and began to LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND SHARE HAPPINESS WITH OTHERS.
There began arriving from all ends of Moscow, Moscow region, from other cities, to watch, to adopt those things, which seemed useful for people’s lives with children. We were very pleased that our view of the world of children, the sacrament childhood was interesting for others. We gladly gave our experience in the creation of the business to all who needed it, who had a sincere interest.
Our life with children flowed naturally. A few months later we regained another abandoned house, melt without major repairs for nearly half a century. We repaired all engineering systems, the foundation, the facade, made fire and burglar alarm. We conducted drainage work, as the whole ground floor was completely flooded with water. Complete devastation inside was turned into a fairy-tale world. We restored parquet, moldings, cleared of old oil paints wooden carvings, antique doors, handles preserved. We took tons of garbage out of the house and surrounding area.
We made flower beds, planted with children a garden. Brought from the landfill almost completely destroyed the concrete figures of fantastic beings, was invited a wonderful sculptor and restored them to the delight of children and all adults, in whom still a child lives. From felled logs that we collected after cleaning in the district foresters of the territory and branches we made all the furniture, toys and designers, cleared of broken glass platform, have brought the earth near the house and made a real big garden with a beautiful flower garden. Returned to a new life, the house surprised by its beauty the people, who several months ago came to it cautiously. Because at any moment you could have been fallen plaster, or could fall through the floor and it was possible to descend into the basement only in high rubber boots with a flashlight.
They didn’t believe that it was possible to repair. Honestly, even our closest relatives, seeing the scale of the devastation and difficulties with the recovery of all systems, persuaded us not to take the house. But we could not help restoring the house. It is sometimes difficult to explain why you can’t do. You just feel like you should for children, whom you do not even know yet. They will come on the land, and a House is ready for them. They will grow in joy, care and love, and will bring faith, joy and love further on. And there is no thought in any religious connotations. It’s just about life, about real human relationships, about the joy of life, about creation.
After resuscitation and a House doesn’t remind by its internal and external form of its previous aging. And the most important thing, the space being before cold and lifeless, was enlivened now with joyful laughter of children. Soon, the roof of the house was settled by a whole family of storks, confirming with their presence the truth that when a stork is on the roof, and Children are under the roof, there is Peace on earth! And, as before in the history of the Children’s Embassy children as much as they could help to treat the house. They participated in all the available works, gaining valuable experience in a respectful caring attitude to the man-made world. We, the adults, themselves carried a sincere thanks to the authors of this construction, architects, builders, that made it with love decades ago for the joy of the people. Yes, someone could not or did not want to save the creation of grandfathers and fathers years later, explaining his inactivity by thousands of reasons. But apparently this is the fate. To bring the house to life, there had to appear clean and bright idea of the houses of children’s childhood, to go well all again. We worked hard, fully being aware that the houses do not belong to us, that they are only leased, and rent is for only 11 months. There were days when, during months-long repairs in the evening there was literally a penny, but surprisingly in the morning were heard the saving call, and there came so need help to the house. There was a lot of magic, but there were many tests. There were moments when they seemed just impenetrable. It’s interesting, time passes, and you don’t remember difficulties. Yes they were, so what? Everything has its price. This is a great happiness, it’s a great joy to see one day your dreams come true. All the people who were in the space of creation, experienced a wondrous state of unity, of belonging to something important, really valuable and therefore such a joyous and memorable. And this is important, and challenges are within our scope of abilities.
Many amazing stories have happened to us and the house in the days of its return to life. But it all started since first meeting with it. The first time when going inside, we saw three sheets from old calendars of previous years on one of the walls. They looked at us with warm eyes of the virgin Mary with the image of the Vladimir icon of the mother of God, the faces of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit with the image of Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity and cheerful children sledding with reproductions of paintings by an unknown artist of the Soviet times. Under the picture were written the remarkable words: “A HAPPY CHILDHOOD IS A PLEDGE OF MENTAL HEALTH FOR A LIFETIME”.
The sheets were torn, faded and greasy, but the force of the images that they bore, joined us with limitless faith in what we could do. There was an interesting experience, that it was due to their strength, their call, we found this house. We carefully removed them from the walls, promising to return them after repair. And after a while we kept our promise. No matter how we feel hard on the way, we never succumbed to despair and frustration. Every morning we woke up with the confidence in the world, with the belief that everything was going well, we have enough mental and physical strength to cope with the tasks and went into the night with gratitude to God and all people for help. And help has come, sometimes quite unexpectedly, strengthening our faith in people. For us these priceless gifts of beautiful human gestures will be forever cherished in our hearts, as the experience of true relationship to each other.
We have always lived with the idea that it is not important to the world, whether you’re the first to finish or the last, strong or weak you are. Generously, people are not divided into rich and poor. And no matter which race you belong to, no matter what your nationality is. Just a belonging to something, does not make you cleaner, brighter and happier. For the World and the entire Universe your choice only matters — to be a beacon radiating the light of creative participation in the life of every person and life of the whole earth, or incense. For the world it is important if you have a Conscience! Do you have Honor?! Can you say I HAVE HONOUR?! Do you have any Dignity?! Do your human qualities give you an honor to occupy your place and position?!

Our joyful life with children flowed, but fate brought us back to the time on the path of joyless meetings with officials. And we again had to relive the previous experiences from walking around the rooms. Did we manage to do that? Yes! We endured!
How much force should the person have to give birth to an initiative, to care for and raise it, and when after many days of blissful labor it appeared for joy of the people to defend their cause in their native land from……………….soulless people convicted in this point of power? When it is a war, you know where the enemy is. It is clear that the Nazis burning people in the concentration camps, shooting mothers and children said that all these things were just emotions. Then, they are fascists. But how to understand that in time of peace, when due to the negligence in the house, where there are children, turned off for a few days supply of water and electricity, for a month in thirty-degree frost stop supplying heating and motivate their reluctance to do anything because no one has asked us to come here, nobody asked us to do anything for children that children should attend state institutions. And who should ask us? And why do we need to ask to be human?
A man came to the Russian land. The land where he was born, which FED him, it RAISED him. The people who cared for him, gave him his knowledge and the knowledge of generations. Meeting with these people, he got EDUCATION, the IMAGE of Man. He grew up, gained experience and, in return, began to give to the world. To give, primarily to children. Because they after thirty years, will influence everything that happens in your country. It’s the law. Not to take but to give, to give, to give…… Take as much as you need for life. Don’t borrow extra, moreover don’t borrow someone else’s. It is the duty to take care of the native land, about the people who live near you. And you don’t need to be asked. You’re doing it by your own, doing the best of your forces, the best of your knowledge. But we were persistently said from the seats of many officials, that if it is our private initiative of individual entrepreneurs, so we have to decide how to handle all the critical , and sometimes catastrophic situation with our own means, but they now are not………….. about our children. Not about our children???!!!! But whether children can be alien?
Children can not be alien! And we decided!!! Many times we have decided!!! We always decided!!! We learned to be hard-set!!! We learned to be strong!!! Maybe we were always like that? I guess we read the book in childhood and have seen examples of generosity in those adults around us. These examples like a balm flowed in our blood and became our essence.
It’s interesting, that for those people whom we were forced to meet in offices it was important that the responsibility was distributed among all patterns, which it only can be distributed. And from childhood we were willing to take responsibility for themselves. Who if not you, when if not now?
But we were asked very different questions. Why? What is their personal interest? So what can one have? And whether? But if? And then what? And what is your intention? We answered all these countless empty questions, based on the truth of the phrase, “never make excuses, your friends don’t need it, your enemies won’t believe”.
We do our job FOR LIFE. We wanted to participate unselfishly in the lives of those who needed our help and support since the childhood. And these people talked all the time about themselves, about their fear. Sometimes we doubted whether they understand what we were talking to them, if they have such a molecule — a molecule of conscience?
After going circles around, we once again convinced that they are special people, they are different. They seemed to consciously choose in their life such way of self-affirmation, specifically, one way or another, occupy the offices with seating that guarantee them power. With this power, as a weapon, they only protect their own interests. Their coordinate system is oriented on their specific values. And it’s not always eternal moral and ethical ideals. If there is no love for the people in the heart, a man is deaf. If there is no faith in people in the heart, a man is blind. To create, to care, to help is not their orientations and position in life. Is it good or bad? It is a given. It’s not their fault, that’s their problem. They don’t want it different. Maybe they can’t? Maybe they were not brought up in the childhood? Didn’t they read books about good? Didn’t they sing songs about heroes? Weren’t they showed beautiful examples of human relations? Why are they so scared? Where is their fear from? Where is the unbelief in people, disrespect from? They built their own world, live in it by their own rules and are convinced that their system of coordinates, their orientation is a Human life.
Probably, still people with such state of mind CAN NOT participate in decision making. It is dangerous to life. But the most unpleasant thing, and sometimes even scary that the office is built so that it is to them you are forced to get. And that the progress of many cases depends on their solution. Maybe they are small decisions. But from thousands of small decisions everyday there are added up to thousands and thousands of people. Each time, after meeting them you realize that many of them need emergency mental help. Manyof them need to mentally recover at magic sanatoriums. After mental rehabilitation, they will change their attitude towards people. This will restore faith, hope and love.
And then, getting up to the visitor of the office, they will come up with the words: “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? LET’S THINK TOGETHER WHAT WE CAN DO TOGETHER! I AM VERY GLAD THAT YOU CONTACTED ME. I AM SURE THAT WE WILL FIND THE RIGHT SOLUTION”. Indeed, being clothed in the power to solve the problems of everyday life, they will take thousands and thousands of small and big steps to improve this very LIFE. They have not overcome the desire to MEET the Man. They won’t only rise from their chairs, then they will come out of the cabinets, they will give rooms. Why do we need offices??? We have so much to do on earth, in the open air!
But, in the meantime, we still have to deal with a different world. Can we understand each other? Most often, there is an experience that No. It’s a parallel world. It almost does not intersect with your world on your initiative. You can only meet when they have interest. Knock to him and ask for help is almost impossible. Perhaps, you can knock, but what’s the answer??? If you start knocking at the doors of offices, you will walk in a circle for a long time. But when they have their “interest” to your world, they enter without knocking and enter in such a way that you have to gather your courage to face them. Why to face them? Because they don’t come in peace, with love. Their consciousness defines a model of behavior in which the person, to whom they come, imagines cold pictures of 1937.
We have seen this when there came in the house, where flowed a wonderful life, children played, live music sounded, like into their home without notice, some service people with different crusts . Oblivious children they interrupt any peaceful joy. They talked to you as if you are a criminal, putting in a position where you have to justify yourself . Where is this manner from? They always came for a few people. During a few days once we were visited by forty-six people from all possible structures. Arrogant and playing “show me that you’re not ……” . Having realized that we have to deal with a certain type of people, we specifically did not change the status of Individual Entrepreneurs, in principle, to be different from them. We really fit the essence of our life position status INDIVIDUALLY ACTING PERSON. The man who in this world takes steps based on his knowledge, experience, his strength, his faith and his love for people has always evoked our respect. Plus, more importantly, being in the rank of Individual Entrepreneurs we have significantly increased our financial responsibility to parents. Our responsibility is not limited to a statutory fund of 50 thousand rubles, and distributed to all our movable and immovable property. It is clear that the highest responsibility – is RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE GOD, nobody has removed from us in principle.
And, Thank God, we did it. Houses have become a place which attracts caring, talented people – Artists, inspiring their work, their way of life. And the most important thing – these Baby Kids who inherently, by the nature of their childhood are the purest, inspiring by their presence beings coming to the houses, brought them in as many creative force of joy, acceptance, kindness, strength of a true Childhood, that the houses themselves became the carriers of Light. And they, as the suns began to shine, giving to everyone coming in warmth and light. The houses of the Children’s Embassy became the samples of the world for kids who came into them. They taught us to enjoy simple things, warm rain and the puddle after it, a bright sun and sun bunnies, running around the palms. On the roofs of the houses we lived family of storks, because under the roof where the children live, there will always be peace.
Personal funds of our families, we gladly invested in the business of creating fairy houses for kids, we never regretted even for a moment about it. There were people who wondered and didn’t understand why? Because houses require so much energy, short rent, utilities are huge. Again we were asked: “what is your intent? Isn’t it easier? And isn’t it better? And isn’t it profitable? What would happen if?”
But when it comes to big dreams, rationality is always kept in a distant view.
The child himself knows when and where he should be born. We are quite sure that the birth of Children’s Embassy on an amazing VDNKh is no accident. And it was its birth as the purest source of children’s joy revived the power of the revival of this territory, on which, in former times, there was not accidental and there has always been a marriage Palace and a nursery, and the garden, a school and even a hospital. Mighty river full of refreshing little streams, running down to it with purest waters. Our homeland is full of life-giving small initiatives, such as ours, feeding her with its sincere love for people and care for the prosperity of the place on earth where you live. For us this is not a rant. It’s our mindset. It is a style of life.
You will ask, what is now? Now again we are reviving to life two more houses, which soon, together with the already restored, will be the great ensemble of Houses of the Children’s Embassy. We remove garbage by trucks, insulate walls , build new engineering systems, repair and insulate the roof too, lay new wood floors, stacked tile mosaic (it’s quite beautiful), mastering of wood furniture unique. In general, we conduct a full quality intensive care unit, thanks God we have in this case now a wonderful experience. Besides, during free time, all together, as always, we knit toys, woven rugs, aprons and sew clothing for dolls that will be coming soon to live in new houses. And our new friend uncle Volodya, who helped to restore the sculpture, next to the third house, he stayed in the Embassy with the children and now cuts in our workshop wooden fun animals for new homes. Older children will be happy to help. Fish, dolphins, a pack of huskies, a small herd of horses, the family of brown and polar bears, foxes, bunnies, sheep artistically with curved horns and a whole flock of wonderful birds are already waiting for their little friends. Toys turn out completely different than before. And that is right! The houses are not the same! The same comfortable as the first ones, but with its own character. Soon the hands of children pamper them in the game of life. And pour in the Houses of fairy tales, songs and sounds, and a whiff of homemade pies and breads. Children will enter through as the new rightful owners and would work hard and learn to take care of themselves, mom and dad, friends, and, of course, about their beloved House. Pink house and the Little house will be the two more fabulous gifts for children and adults, because there are so many amazingly talented, kind and bright people helped. Again we met with the real magic of fate. Good people in a time when we need them, just knock at the doors of houses and ask if we need help? And help, help………….HELP!!!! Help with all their soul, with all their talent.
Do we have difficulties now? Yes we have. But it is not scary us, as in other things, never scared. This is newly restored Pink house, we cleared out the wall completely from the old model and after major works struck a beautiful decorative plaster in all rooms of two floors, but due to the fact that there was no heating after some global disaster in the heating system, and its restoration on our property officials because of inconsistencies, we decided to postpone for a long time, all of our work in two months, when came the warm spring days and went down the drain. We were supposed to start doing our favorite carpenter’s work, but the plaster was treacherously fall off from the walls, and had to redo everything, to clean off and with enthusiasm to paint again.
The result was even better than it had been before, but we were a little sorry for the time. Five months have passed, it’s almost the middle of summer, we made two-thirds of jobs in one of the houses, and heating is until without changing. In place of the rupture of pipes laid new asphalt, rolled up the old section of the network. We met with officials, explained, argued the need for timely implementation of timely work, but there was simply amazing inconsistency. Again, we went round in circles cabinets or even through the maze of circles. We are confident that soon will come out of the maze, and are sure to find the right solution. Who has never created step-by-step, from the ground up, your life business, who do not sleep at night, thinking how to do correct and better, how to do interesting, he will never understand us, will not be able to evaluate the work invested in the dream, but, he will not survive the immense joy of knowing the extent of the work done and don’t feel the heat pours tenderness throughout the body from seeing reality beautiful tableaux child childhood’s fairy houses.
You draw them in your dreams, so many years of planning inside its interiors, you traveled, studied, and worked ……… .realized everything, brought to life. New living embodiment of dreams – is an invaluable gift of fate! Thank God for this gift!!!! We sincerely from the heart wish every person that his bright dreams come true. Let the world bath in the joy of your creations. Let us be alike the Creator. Let selflessly help each other with our knowledge and experience, and …… .everything what we can and what we have. Let’s take care of each other and our world. Kids are growing next to us. They like and trust us. Seeing us, from their natural role model forces they will become the same as we are, and we can be sure about the future of our world.
Kids, thank God, are born. They come to earth with a boundless faith in the world and in us, adults. And we will not let them to be disappointed in us!
The world’s first Children’s Embassy in Moscow was born near Fountain of Friendship of Peoples. It’s symbolic. VDNKh has always been a place where all over the country and even from other countries come to adopt an interesting experience in order to carry it further to their towns and villages, to implement it for the benefit of the whole country. We were looking for kids magic Houses and believe that we will find. After all, children should not live in institutions. The state institution was almost always synonymous with soulless. And we met and unfortunately still meet now, t people whose childhood was spent in such places. Is it dangerous! Restoring found Houses practically from the ruins, turning them into a fairy tale, we have gained a good and interesting experience. We are still small, but we grow. And the program RUSSIAN WORLD dream to open Children’s Embassy at Russian Embassies around the world, bringing people the message of the Children’s childhood and boundless bright joy of cooperation with adult children. We are waited in Japan and Portugal. Russian women living in these countries, having become acquainted with our houses, dream of the same childhood for their children in the countries that now, at the will of fate, have become their home.
We were not going to write much, but starting to remember, it was found that the production of the Children’s Embassy – is a story of our lives, and it can not be described in a few words. Very interesting story is very interesting life. It is said that man on earth should have a child, plant a tree, build a house and to write a book. We follow this wise path. Bear children, planting gardens for them, restoring to them the amazing houses and write books about them and for them.
Going this way, and looking back, we are grateful to all the tests, which arose in our way. Everything was easy. Nothing was complicated. As said the monks of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra “Where it is simple, there is growth, because there are a hundred of angels. Where it is difficult, there is lie.” God always gives a person is not what he wants and what he needs. Therefore we will never ask, “why?”, And we always pondered: “Why are there all these tests and why are there all these awards?”
Our experience confirms the truth of the words that if you have a real dream, it becomes your purpose and illuminates your way of life, betraying the noble meaning of your existence.
On the way we have learned to communicate with people within our heart, to see the light in them, treat everyone as the closest person to you. I bow to all the people who told us Yes. This is fortunate to survive in the spirit of unity, to feel warm unselfish part in your destiny in the life of your dreams, your affairs of another man.
Ancient wisdom says that every person is not your friend, everyone is not your enemy, every person is your teacher! Thank to all those people who told us NO. Through their NO, the Lord tests our fortitude. And with each NO our fortitude only grew stronger. On the way we have learned to overcome my fear and learned to get up in the morning with the confidence in the world and go into the night with gratitude. We initially were willing to pay the price that was paid to see one day, THAT WAS BORN AND EVERY DAY NOW BRINGS SO MUCH JOY. More and more time I want to tell the world WE HAVE SEEN IN REALITY OUR DREAM OF HOUSES CHILDREN’S CHILDHOOD AND IT IS A GREAT HAPPINESS! Thank you all!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
A man is created by resistance. From the first minutes of his birth, passing through the birth canal, learning to roll over, get up and walk, learning to speak, read and write, and eventually mastering on earth his beloved profession and making the first attempts to tell the world about his or her identity, we have to show our strong will to achieve a noble results.
Remember the parable about the butterfly?

One man found a cocoon of a butterfly. And one day, when a small hole appeared in the cocoon, people began to watch how a butterfly was struggling to free up its body through that little hole. Suddenly it seemed that the butterfly has stopped and that the next movement will not go on. And the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon. Butterfly was set free. But a strange thing happened. Butterfly’s body was puffy and it had shriveled wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly, expecting the wings unfold and would be able to support its body, which over time would be gain of the correct form. But that did not happen. Butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling with a swollen body and deformed wings. It was never able to fly.
A man in a hasty effort to help did not understand that overcoming the obstacles in the form of a cocoon, and effort which applies butterfly, forced its way through the hole in the cocoon needed it in order to strengthen its wings and body, that it was ready to fly as soon as free from the cocoon.
Sometimes, to overcome the difficulties it is exactly what we need at certain moments of life. If there were not for the obstacles in our lives – we would be weak and would not have had the strength, that we always wanted to have. And we could never fly. Sometimes it is necessary to force us into life. It says, “to make an effort and found” – If we are allowed to live without meeting with difficulties, we would have been deprived. We could not be as strong as we are now. We could never fly.

Where have you left your wings, Icarus?
Beat of glass, not feeling the heat.
It’s too high for me, falling down.
You see – the Earth,
Do not sleep
It is no longer possible,
Get up early.

Don’t wait…
I did not teach to hurt myself.
The others would calm down.
It is impossible,
You can burn at
The sun. Earth –
Shut everything down,
Get up early

What a pity…
I am not able not to fly,
My piano is open,
Thoughts and keys rushed away.
From twelve for me
It’s time to fly.
I’ll call,
If only fly,
Just fly,
Only fly …

I asked for the possibility to fly … and the gods gave me obstacles to overcome them.
I asked for power … and the gods gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom: and the gods gave me problems to solve.
I asked for riches: and the gods gave me brain and muscles, so I could work.
I asked for love … and the gods gave me people, I could help them with their problems.
I asked for the good … and the gods gave me the opportunity.
I got nothing out of it, as requested: But I got everything I needed!
Live without fear, stand up to the obstacles and prove that you can overcome them.

We were and are now going through life with the luggage of our knowledge of the world and on our way we were always helped and are helped by the words of Mother Teresa, converted to those who perceive their lives as a service.
“People are often stupid and stubborn, egocentric and illogical.
If you are kind, there are people who accuse you that under the mask of kindness you hide greed.
If you succeeded, you will be surrounded by false friends and true enemies.
If you are honest and straight people will deceive you.
All that things that you are building for the years, someone will destroy overnight.
If you are calm and happy, they will be jealous.
That good that you do today, people will forget tomorrow.
Give the world the best of what you have, and the world asks for more.

One amazing Russian singer, whose voice preaches the world of love, compassion, loyalty to word, the beauty of the soul, once wrote a beautiful phrase, “with my song I pray to God.” That is felt when you hear her singing. As if you drink from the purest spring healing all and everything cleaning water.
We know that everything we do in the world, is reflected in heaven. All that lives in heaven, is a reflection of the world.
Our life – is our prayer. Our Prayer – is our life.
Thank you! Peace to you, Faith, Hope and Love! We thank you for your interest in the Children’s Embassy. We hope that you were interested in this story.

c’est la vie AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL

Why do we need the Houses for children?

The pace of life is incredibly fast in Moscow. The whole day we are busy at work, in the evening it is necessary to have time to cook dinner, do something around the house, check the older child’s lessons, to prepare your and your husband’s clothes for tomorrow – so the day has passed. Over the weekend, we are doing global business: procurement, cleaning, ironing, papers for your son, still have time to visit relatives, call a friend and a thousand small things.

And where is at this time, our youngest child? Is he in the car seat in traffic jams? Is he in the railway basket between the store shelves? Is he in the rubber dry basin amongst plastic balls? Is he on the sofa near the TV or on a chair playing computer games? Well, we have time at least an hour to walk with a child in the street and read him bedtime stories. Most of us simply do not have enough time and effort on it, to be with child, work, make a toy, to prepare a small home holiday or a play, but just to draw even with him or just to mold. The problem of busy moms and dads – is the problem of the most parents. And it turns out that the children are left to themselves. We are trying to atone for the guilt with more new toys which children play a day or two, and then they are worthless trash cluttering the space.

Children need participation. Our real heart and physical participation. They say that good health and good spirits to any person, small or big, he need three things: physical, mental and spiritual warmth. That is, in other words, during the day we have to be sure the child’s hug, kiss, caress, cuddle it is called, slopping over him – and it is a natural heat, which we presented to him. When we say each – other kind, sweet words, words of approval, love and support, there is intimacy. And finally, if we give your loved one the time and TOGETHER with him, we create something with our own hands, which combined the creative purpose, we are united with him in spirit. Remember how everything exulted inside you, in your childhood when your mother TOGETHER with you sewed clothes for your dolls! How happy you were to the ship, you made TOGETHER with his father! So everything is very simple. We are people and, regardless of our age, each of us as air need communication – physical, mental and spiritual!

Realizing that the majority of parents need help, we thought it would be great next to the house or even in the house where we live to have a place where our baby while we are busy would be safely under the supervision and play with other children. It’s good, if there will be educational, useful and interesting lessons for him. It would be great if furniture and toys were only made of natural materials, soothing, of natural colors. Yes, they just want, that it’ll be there cozy and well, like at home.

Not all of us, parents have a number of grandparents who could sit with our kids when they need us for a while. And, frankly, not always their views on education, feeding and development of our children are consonant with our ideas about how our children should grow. There are times when we want to go in the evening to the theater, or an urgent need to do any job. And for young mothers definitely need to be able to at least a few times a week for three to four hours, to distract from domestic life and care, to be alone, they say, to recover, to relax, to make themselves and their business.

And it turns out that such a cozy houses are in need within children and parents. Then adults will be calm, and the kids will grow up in a calm atmosphere of care, comfort and warmth. At any time mom could come down from her apartment and see how her baby feels if he is well, what does he do?

Have you noticed that we can live for years in a stairwell and do not know the names of our neighbors, our children almost do not play with the guys from our yard? Why? Yes, because we took the child by car to kindergarten, in one place, on educational or sports activities in the other place, the school we choose that is far away from home. Children have not built up the environment with which they can spend their leisure time, to celebrate holidays – to grow together. That is why the Children’s Embassy, offers small and cozy children’s houses next to home, which children can visit in the evenings and weekends, and where they will always be surrounded with attention and care.

Inna Ishkarina


Whom do we entrust our children?

“Adults love numbers very much. When you tell them that you have a new friend, they never ask about the most important. They never say, “And what is his voice? What kind of games he likes to play?? Whether he catches butterflies.” They ask: “How old is he? Does he have brothers? How much does he weigh? How much does his father earn?” And then they imagine that they learned a man. When you talk to adults: “I saw a beautiful house made of rosy brick, the windows had geraniums, and doves on the roof,” – they can not imagine this house. They should say: “I saw a house for a hundred thousand francs,” – and then they exclaim: “What a beauty!”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery “Little Prince”

Giving the child to the child care institution, what did you care about? What were you paying attention to? At the cost of education, the quality of buildings, the number of toys, a variety of teaching materials, calorie of menu, the presence of fashion developing methodologies? And maybe you were interested in ratings and prestige of this institution? And if you wanted to know what motivated the man, when he opened the school or child care center? And if you asked the question, why the club was working on this technique rather than another? Anyway, what matters in the profession did the teachers concern?

Let’s see, if it’s enough to know about the person the name of education, he graduated from? Is a professional attitude to business guarantees his experience in the specialty? I think that when it comes to mechanical work, such as assembly machines, watches and computers – yes. But when we talk about the work with children – no. I’m sure people in this profession have come by vocation and evaluated on specific criteria. Upbringing and education of children – is a service to the world. Measure of responsibility for the entrusted children is too big for the future.

I entrust the most precious thing I have to the teacher. And for me it almost does not mean nothing the phrases: deserved, experienced, qualified. If the years of work in the profession added person wisdom in dealing with the children, then the experience – it’s good. If he earned the love, respect and trust of the students, then he is rightfully deserved. If you can inspire children to your subject, to infect them with your genuine interest, your deep knowledge, you are really qualified teacher.

I, as a parent, want to know what books does a person read, to whom I entrusted my child? What kind of music does he listen to? And when was the last time he was walking in the park and met the dawn, went to a museum or the theater? What is his favorite color and season of the year? How does he feel when it’s rain? How often does he smile, whether he speaks and moves beautifully? What is his attitude to the people? Does he love to sing, whether he is able to do something with his hands, and if he still wants to learn something in life? Does he believe in God? All this is not an idle curiosity.

Answers to these questions will tell about the person. About a human! And what tells crust diploma or rating institutions? I think that with modern features and advertising technology everything is very unique and one shouldn’t trust the external entourage. I can even accept that the university teacher can not ask about the things listed above. After all, he teaches special subjects, people who deliberately chose the profession, who have come to learn specific things. There come already adult people to the Institute. And here everything is much easier than at school, and even more in kindergarten.

No wonder one wise man said that kids should be educated by DSc, students – PhD, and students can taught by a simple teacher. The fact that the smaller is a child, the more sensitive he is to the perception of a human next to him. The child literally forms himself, infinite and infinitely absorbing world. He can not put a barrier to impressions. He stands completely open in front of the world around him, in front of the people. Everything poured into him, building him, both physically and mentally. Moreover, a small child, to a greater extent, feels true intentions, true feelings and thoughts of man, than externally uttered word. And that inner adult baggage has meaning and affects children. One can’t hide from children behind a forced smile. One can’t fool with “gentle’ words. Behind the external form children feel the true essence of the human condition. Over the years, this ability disappears and we can be fooled by the results of image technologies. We increasingly make choices based on external data, which is called “happy to be deceived.”

A child comes into the world with great love and trust to adults. He has no clear understanding of good and evil. For him – all is true. He believes that the world goes in this way. And depending on the person next to him, what is his outlook, how he is developed emotionally and this will depend on what kind of person the child will grow up. Environment affects the child, his character, and his health. Techniques, pedagogical concepts, ratings, books – all this neither here nor there. A human is at the first place! And the smaller the child, the greater teach perception of the environment, of the individual, whether it is a mother, grandmother, teacher or just a passerby, it pierces him, directly affecting his strength, health, knowledge and skills. We can’t switch off this ability. This is the law of nature. But to protect children from the experiences to which they are not prepared, from cold hands and hearts of people can be insincere. Perhaps the task of parents is to feel, where and with whom the child will be fine.

We leave our children for an hour or two or even for a whole day with strangers. We deliberately allow them to affect our children. And have you asked yourself, what person works with my child? There can not be impersonal, soulless education and training. One can not hide behind procedures and diplomas. If there is no a living relationship, a child will not produce a single word uttered by a teacher. What is the outlook of a person who chose a profession of the teacher and came to work in the club, the school or the kindergarten with the children? We are talking about education. And what image does a teacher carry himself? What worries him in this life? Whether he has an inside job? What does he appreciate in people? What did he do in his life, what for was he ashamed, or vice versa, what can he be proud of? We are talking about education, but what does he nourish his soul, his mind, we are not interested in it. So how and what will he bring up the child with? Kindergarten – is not a storage room and the kids – are not soulless things that you can just leave on the need for a time under supervision.

Previously we talked about education. Apparently there was still an understanding that an adult should carry a Light. All that is left – is training. General training. But in the information age, we have no problems to find answers to any questions by ourselves. The main thing is to look for, to learn about the world. But the criminal attitude of many teachers to their profession to the great man’s education task ever CLOSES this search for the children. One should treated to a game of mind very carefuly. And one need to grow spiritually to knowledge, by heart, not just by mind.

“Open the textbook, study the section.” And its popular indications “Look at the picture and circle, link, highlight, cross out, paint” in kindergartens. What about are these favorite phrases of “teachers”?! Tutorial – this is only the navigator. Moreover, this navigator is for a teacher, but not for children. It is not possible to light interest with a dry textbook lines in the person. And how is it without interest? And why? Any information without interest – is dead. Aristotle said that nothing can be in the mind, which was not in the feeling. The teacher is given to that reason, to revive. They leave, some essential things, concepts are quietly replaced and soon we can not even remember what is this UPBRINGING, and EDUCATION and DEVELOPMENT about?

Lets speak about development. What we develop in the child, and how we do it – they are not idle questions. Everywhere you can see the ads about developing classroom, developing clubs, centers of early development, etc. etc. But what people invest in this concept of development? And do they really reveal the potential of these areas and develop talent in a child? Unfortunately, more often they perceive the child as a blank sheet, the raw material with which to work on methodology, work and more work as the original computer on which it is necessary to establish different programs. The more opportunities of the parents, more expensive and more varied the program.

It’s not so primitive, it’s not so simple. The child – is a unique person with his inner challenge, with his grain. He wants to become the person he wants to be. As a grain of wheat or seed of the apple is aware of its power and the aim, a child also bears within himself his destiny. Teacher art – is to create between adult and child a space of trust. My personal observation suggests that the richer inner life of a teacher, educator or parent, the less external supports a large number of toys, books, specialized educational materials he needs to the child feel interesting by him. Even the size and content of the surrounding space ceases to play a dominant role. In the first place there is the inner peace of the human space in which there is a place for every child. Teacher art – it’s an every second creation. Teacher – is a creator. In a state of inner peace of mind, reverence and gratitude, he looks into the child, helping to create the future. Adult should be interesting for children! We must feel the child inside each pledged grain, to help him to cultivate, grow strong and bear fruit. After all, if you want to grow a beautiful tree, you are from the very first steps should begin to take care of it. Don’t you planted it at once to meet all the winds, so they broke it? If you are a wise gardener, you never will land helpless, fragile sprout immediately in the open ground. You carefully look after the escape, nourish it, water, protect from the weather. You give him time to get stronger, to enter into force, and only after that you land him from the nursery to the world. And then it is not afraid of cold, wind, drought. It will stand, will stand any test, cope with any challenges of nature. And the time will come and the world will see one day in the spring the divine beauty blooming fragrant wood. And be sure there will come time of fruits, a miracle will happen and realized in a small planted grain of mystery. And a tree grown from a small seed, in turn, many, many years will nourish and gardener and thousands of other people with it fruits.

Gardener did everything right. He did not hurry, because nature has its own clock and laws. He cared, cared, believed, and waited. And all his works, his faith and expectations were rewarded. Everything has its time.

It does not accidentally that the place where young children grow, called the garden. And even has a good tradition in some countries governess call the gardener. This is the right attitude and understanding of the profession.

Only with boundless love, awe and respect, very carefully and patiently people have to touch the mystery of childhood, the children’s hearts. And then, nurtured in caring children, will come in their time in the world and illuminate it with their hearts, their thoughts and their deeds.

I’d like to say to all adults, “Stay in silence and awe of mystery becoming, to the fact that the child brought inside himself. Help the little man to realize himself!”

Inna Ishkarina

P.S. So, dear parents, ask teachers, interest, worry – all for the benefit of your children.